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10/14/11 1:06 P

Sometimes all we can do is pray for folks who somehow don't grab hold of the Spark. Truly we can't grab them and drag them along. It says good things about you that you care enough to feel sad! Lots of folk just rack up the Spark Points and add friends and trophies but not nearly as much genuine caring. We are each a little electronic icon on this big site emoticon But the interaction on the message boards, the Spark Mail, the blogging and posting on blogs - there IS a lot of REAL CARING in there. Ya just gotta look for it and connect when you find it! You keep caring, keep feeling and keep connecting - just don't let the sadness for those lost drag YOU down. Look at the ones who are succeeding against all odds as well and let them lift you up!

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10/14/11 12:11 A

Don't be sad and disappointed in yourself you are only one person and can only do so much. Also the people who have disappeared have to make their own decisions and just because they have left sparkpeople doesn't mean they have given up on their journeys. I it really upsets you bad enough just pray for those people.

10/13/11 12:03 P

I understand how you can be sad. I know that for me I'm knew to the site and am just starting to get involved. I understand that you are sad but you can only do what you can do.

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10/13/11 10:33 A

For the last two weeks I have been viewing my spark page and some other spark pages. Yes, I realize I do not have tons of spark friends on my page and I also understand I don't have the spark motivator or a leader of a group......BUT what bothers me is to see that at least 4 out of the 30 some odd names I have on my page are gone.

I am not sure why and I feel so sad inside that they nor I reached out hard enough to help them out, to keep them motivated enough to wanna stick with it. I am blue at the idea of some where they are not eating healthy or drinking enough water or MOST of all they don't have a buddy to talk to about their eating issues. OR that they may have felt this way.

I then found myself asking....for all of the pages I see with 100 or more friends how do you really truly get to know all those people? Or how do you find the time to reach out to each person and say "HI!"

I know for myself I did not come on here to have tons of faces or awards on my page...I did it to find help and to maybe meet one or two people who are struggling like me and maybe one or two people who have been there and maybe are at their goal already and can give a few tips on what they did.

Not RANTING just feeling SAD that they are gone. I feel I let them slip threw the internet lines. So, I am so sorry for that.

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