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1/18/13 8:10 P

Thank you for responding, ladies. I really don't want the sparkpeople to give me my daily meals, since I have a set breakfast and lunch and dinner are very Greek and "eat to live". But I am really terrible about snacking. I work two jobs and the major one (time wise) uses up a lot of calories. But my snacks seem to out pace my burn. Think it's the post-menopausal thing, cause I never had to be concerned about what I ate before, but now it seems to be adding on pounds.

I have been tracking my calories here and that has been very enlightening, So far, I haven't changed my snacking a great deal, but i am working on it. was hoping there was a formal group I could join to get real help with the food thing. I am reallhy good about strength training and getting in cardio. the calories are still my problem.

Thank you for your responses, ladies, All good photons to y'all!

Liz Kelly

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1/18/13 9:13 A

Hi Kelly,

Not too sure what you mean about the SparkDiet pages.

You are given the option to use the SparkPeople Meal plans based on your information you entered when you joined or you can elect to follow your own meal plans using the calorie and nutrient guidelines generated for you by SparkPeople.

If you are referring to the SparkDiet stages, if you go to the following link you will be able to view the stages from there.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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1/18/13 8:30 A

The SparkDiet was moved over to SparkCoach. That's where you follow the automatic stages and such. However, you can do it on your own!

Each step has a review page that will walk you through the steps if you want to follow them.

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1/18/13 8:04 A

There is no 'spark plan'. Whatever you choose to do is YOUR plan!
That's the beauty of it... you customize to suit you and your specific situation.

Start by logging your food. That can be quite the eye opener! Weigh and measure everything.

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1/18/13 6:46 A

I read the information on the spark diet pages. I don't know how to implement this plan. Are there email messages that I can sign up to receive? Is there a specific group to become a team member of? Nothing immediately seems to help you follow up on the diet information pages.

Thanks for the help!!!


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