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emoticon I think that's fabulous, that you've learned about the importance of fiber and that you're not getting enough. It really does amaze me, how much I've learned over time right here on Spark. There are many times I'll play around with the Nutrtition Tracker, to find something that's higher in fiber or lower in sodium or whatever, than my original choice of what to eat, was. Sometimes I struggle with the fat grams and have to swap foods around, to get enough healthy fats. I'd say that it DOES get easier in time, because we start learning and then build on that knowledge.

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3/13/13 11:22 A

Spark Coach asked me what I've learned since tracking my food. One of the biggest shockers to me is that I'm not eating enough fiber. I even take fiber pills. I really thought I got plenty of fiber! This is an example of how our perception can be skewed. I eat at least 5 fruits/veges a day. I chose whole grains. I only make brown rice. I only eat wheat bread. I rarely eat pasta or potatoes.... But, there it is - the numbers don't lie. I am routinely just shy of my fiber minimum. It's been 8 days on the new program and I haven't meet my fiber minimum yet.

So, today I'm snacking on some more veges. And I love wheatgerm - I think I'll add it to my yogurt. I'm going to hit those fiber numbers for the rest of the week!

(I was looking for the "fart" emoticon - but there doesn't seem to be one)

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