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KNITTY_JESS SparkPoints: (7)
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6/21/13 4:08 P

I use my own routines and plans. I just used it for tips and support.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
6/21/13 1:49 P

You should be saving the routines/plans you're using now and keep using them once the trial ends. If you're someone who needs more guidance then it makes sense to pay. Any good personal trainer/coach is supposed to teach you enough so that you can do it on your own after a while.

KNITTY_JESS SparkPoints: (7)
Fitness Minutes: (9,010)
Posts: 323
6/21/13 11:53 A

Thanks! I'll have to try that.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
6/21/13 11:44 A

If you can't use the app, try accessing the site through Firefox instead. It is far more user friendly than Android's "Browser", and you can actually do more stuff through the site than the app (for being a paid app, shouldn't you be able to do MORE than the free site?).

The app is identical to the old free version, so if you can't use it, you can't use it.

Do you have an email address on file in your settings? You may be able to add one and then log in "normally"?

KNITTY_JESS SparkPoints: (7)
Fitness Minutes: (9,010)
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6/21/13 11:22 A

Under Google Play, the Spark app is $3.99. I can't log in with my username and password on her since I signed up via Facebook. I had the app when it was free, but could never log on to link it to my spark account, so I felt it wasn't worth it.

As far as the coach, I agree with the videos. My problem is that it gave me a plan to follow.

6/21/13 10:53 A

The sparkpeople app is free to download and use. I've always just logged in with my username and password with no issue

STDWYNWEN SparkPoints: (11,748)
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6/21/13 10:22 A


To be truthful from my perspective, I don't think SparkCoach would be worth the money for me going forward. I'm in the free trial right now myself.
For the reason, I'm a self starter anyway and don't need much motivation to keep me going.
I just didn't think anything provided by SC (informational wise) I wouldn't be able to find on the free site. It's all there in the free articles and videos IMHO.

KNITTY_JESS SparkPoints: (7)
Fitness Minutes: (9,010)
Posts: 323
6/21/13 9:54 A

I am officially finished with my trial of Spark Coach. I feel lost. I really enjoyed the guidance and motivation that Spark Coach gave me; however, I do not wish to pay the almost $50 to continue. My fear is that when things get super busy, I will not be able to utilize it every day. I would like to use the Spark App also; however, I do not want to spend money for something if I can't log in (I use Facebook to log in). I'm just curious how many of you use these things and if you feel it's worth the money.

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