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12/30/11 10:20 P

I bought the cookbook and love it, but I haven't bought the Spark Book. Can anyone tell me what advantage there is to buying the Spark book? Does it offer more than what this site offers?

DWROBERGE Posts: 368,121
9/16/11 10:36 P

good read

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9/15/11 10:57 P

Glad you found the link to get your 500 points. Yes there are lots of bonus points you can earn. Happy reading!

JULIE_76180 Posts: 30
9/15/11 9:32 P

Just found the link to get the points.

You get so many points for reading the chapters.

Do what page 223 of the books states, login, select My Program.

Thanks for motivating me to login.


JULIE_76180 Posts: 30
9/15/11 8:56 P

I selected "Store" at the top of the page and found the book there. Here's what it said...

If you buy now, you’ll receive 500 SparkPoints when you get your book and log in to the FREE Bonus Book site. Go to page 223 of The Spark to get further details.

It didn't say anything about having to read it. It may also be how you get your icon. I don't know but I've had the book and never logged into the bonus site. I'm going to login tonight after the kiddos are asleep.

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7/26/11 8:27 P

Help! Do you have to read the book before you get the 500 spark points. I cannot find the icon that says "bought book" only the I have read. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

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