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12/31/12 10:49 P

I am a vegetarian and I eat soy in some form or another everyday. I love the peppered tofurky lunchmeat. I've never had a problem with weight gain in regards to the products themselves. My weight gain has always been due to poor choices. I think it's like any food. Every body is going to process it its own way. I suppose it can cause weight gain in some people but I do not think it is a direct correlation, in my opinion.

SHAR140 Posts: 2,258
12/21/12 12:20 P

The Sparkpeople article does not include any references to scientific research.

Also, correlation does not prove causation, and is not scientific research.

12/21/12 11:51 A


ATHENA1966 Posts: 4,003
12/21/12 9:12 A

Thanks Becky the article helps a lot. With no functioning Thyroid (post ablation) I will take synthroid for the rest of my life. My dose requirements are some what erratic and my physician tells me that's part of the deal. No more soy nuts for me. It is not worth risking an impact to my medication needs. When ever a change is made it takes weeks for things to settle out. The article really cleared up my confusion.

12/21/12 8:54 A

This SP article is based on scientific research and addresses soy intake in regards to health (it does include a section on thyroid health as well).

Dietitian Becky

ATHENA1966 Posts: 4,003
12/21/12 8:51 A

I just figured out what GMO soy means. There is a lot of information on that. I don't know how valid it is. I have a couple of questions. I had my Thyroid ablated with radiation. Is it true that I should avoid soy products? I happen to love soy nuts. Are they GMO?

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12/21/12 7:33 A

Traditionally only fermented soy was consumed by Asian cultures. Fermented soy has been shown to have numerable health benefits whereas the abundant non-fermented soy products on the market today are questionable. And as previously posted there are some serious dangers in consuming GMO soy that also need to be considered.

ROSEWATER_1111 Posts: 605
12/21/12 3:01 A

Enjoy soy products. I drink soy milk everyday, eat soy bean and plain tofu regularly but I don't eat the process soy product ie, tofu sausage, tofurky

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12/20/12 10:21 P

Yes, organic spouted tofu, tofu sausage, Tofurky, stuff like that. But mostly the plain blocks of Wildwood organic sprouted tofu.

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12/20/12 7:45 P

There is a LOT to consider in making soy a regular part of your diet. (not counting all the hidden uses of soy in so many of processed foods...places you never thought it would be!)

1 - Depends on whether you want to get into the GMO arguments!?!
About 95% of all soy is GMO unless packaging specifically says not.

The health ramifications of GMO in general have yet to be fully appreciated. (And this issue also affects corn & wheat.)

AND, secondarily...there is the question / risk of endocrine disruption that may be caused by soy.

Good luck sorting through the good, the bad, and the "ugly"! We all kind of forget that the chemistry of our bodies are very much affected by what we eat and drink.

12/20/12 7:27 P

Soy bringing about belly fat is misinformation. This is not based on scientific evidence. Enjoy your several servings a week; which I assume are "health" types of soy foods??

SP Dietitian Becky

NIRERIN Posts: 14,325
12/20/12 4:30 P

is there any controversy that soy doesn't get a lead part in? i don't think i have read that particular one, but i sorta stopped bothering reading them quite some time ago. based on personal experience i would say there isn't any correlation unless you were to have an issue with soy in the first place.

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12/20/12 4:17 P

Has anyone heard about the controversy of soy foods being a major contributor to belly fat? As a vegetarian, I eat soy in one form or another many times a week and I wonder if anybody has any experience or opinion about it?

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