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9/2/12 12:23 A

My holistic health practioner first told me how bad soy is for you. Did a lot of research and finding more and more how bad it really is. They put it in EVERYTHING and it is not the soy that the Asians eat that is in the food in American. There are a lot better choices for real protein.

9/1/12 3:43 P

Just to clarify--
The article I referenced also shares the soy--hypothroid connection. Soy products can be consumed, but can decrease medication absorption---so it it important to talk to ones doctor to assure that the correct dose of medication is prescribed.

Dietitian Becky

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9/1/12 3:07 P

I think just about anything in moderation is fine to add, but in my personal experience, anyone I've noticed is talking about eating soy, such a great thing is suddenly eating soy everything and I just don't think that's a good idea. Sure, it's a great source of protein, but so are a lot of other things.

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9/1/12 12:04 P

For people with hypothyroidism soy is a definite do not eat as it slows the absorption of thyroid hormone-I never eat it. Personally I don't like the taste either but if you check your labels you'll find it in so many things.

9/1/12 9:43 A

I researched this topic a few years ago for an article for SP.
You may find the content helpful:

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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8/31/12 5:06 P

There's a lot of talk lately about soy and soy products. Recently, some nutritionists have been looking at it with a more critical eye and there has beet chatter about soy being unhealthy to include in a diet. {Related news program:
. This mentions that soymilk and tofu aren't good for you but that fermented varieties of soy are fine.}

Obviously there are pros and cons to adding just about anything into a diet, but does anyone know exactly what the trade-offs are for soy? I read an article earlier saying to add tofu for a meat-free day, but I want to know what I'm getting into before I do that.

Thank you for your help!

~ Mythina

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