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6/17/11 3:07 A

1 percent milk and non fat milk

I've tried soy milk with sugar and without sugar it's not to bad but it's not my favorite.

I've also tried lactaid free milk I can't drink it I don't care who sells it, it's just to chalky tasting for me.

I've tried other options because of lactose issues, but I will just stick to regular low fat or no fat milk and drink the minimum amount as to not have digestive problems. emoticon emoticon

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/16/11 10:38 P

Dear Dislimpet,
I understand you and agree, many want to do the journey so perfect and over complicate the issue.. Just stick to skimmilk, I look at this over priced and over processed crap in the shops and think some people get taken to the cleaners having their wallets emptied..

FINEFITT SparkPoints: (0)
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6/16/11 10:35 P

1% or 2% milk

MIAMI_LILLY SparkPoints: (196,277)
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6/16/11 9:36 P

I drink almond milk and I absolutely love it.

6/16/11 9:34 P

I used to buy something called Lactaid. It was a tablet you drop into the milk, to make it lactose free. It was cheaper that way.

SNW1126 Posts: 328
6/16/11 7:57 P

I live on lactose free milk. It is the only way I can drink milk. It is more expensive but it is a sacrifice I have to make.

J2740LOU SparkPoints: (320,484)
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6/16/11 7:45 P

I only liked the Original Silk Soy Milk. We drink Horizon Organic Fat Free Milk now.

6/16/11 7:41 P

I don't like milk -- haven't since I was a child -- but I used to put it in my coffee. I tried soymilk, but it made the coffee taste weird; rice and almond milk are okay, but not great. So now I use coconut milk (So Delicious brand) and it's great. It tastes more like milk than the others and goes well in my coffee.

TLCOVERT1 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/16/11 5:27 P

Rarely drink milk, but it's 1% or 2% if I do.

6/16/11 5:24 P

I could never stand drinking milk, but I do use it in coffee, cereal or cooking. To me, there's no need for the substitutes. There are those opposed to dairy foods, but I haven't found any good reason to be that's from a source that I trust. I haven't researched it much, but I have heard negative things about soy, so I thought "just as well" that I never tried Silk, that I see so many people buying.

Once, I bought a book that someone on here recommended. It described milk and dairy in the grossest imaginable terms. But I considered the book "on the fringe" and not credible.

I do think way too many people think dairy is more wonderful than it is. I'm pretty neutral about it. When I was a kid my doctor told my mother not to worry if I didn't want to drink it.

It was in the 50's that milk was labeled "the perfect food" and that has stuck in peoples' minds.

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MAGNIFIEDME Posts: 2,588
6/16/11 2:26 P

one thing to note about soymilk
Silk has cane sugar, or cane juice - it's still high in sugar content but the unsweetened has no added sugar at all

sugar is sugar so if you're really trying to cut down on sugar content then go with the unsweetened

PENNPLAX Posts: 668
5/31/11 8:31 P

almond milk is pretty good.

BUTTERFLY4411 Posts: 3,525
5/31/11 7:49 P

Almond milk yes

Fitness Minutes: (546)
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5/31/11 7:13 P

I'm not lactose intolerant but I have tried soy milk. I'm not a big fan the only way I can drink it is with cereal or I drink the chocolate one wich is pretty good. I personally love milk but I only drink whole milk once a week. I drink whole milk instead of fat free because whole milk has all of the good fats and vitamins that you can't get from nonfat milk. After milk is processed it looses all nutrition.... I just limit myself on how much I drink. I enjoy it better when I have it now too cause I drink more like a snack

JUGE300000 SparkPoints: (104,569)
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5/31/11 7:12 P

Vanilla flavor Almond Milk

5/31/11 7:05 P

I like almond milk. I love it in coffee and I also use it for baking when I want my dish to have a slightly nutty flavor.

NOTHIN2IT Posts: 844
5/31/11 5:42 P

Never...until about a year ago when I became lactose intolerant. Now I drink almond milk.

LADYVALK SparkPoints: (210,279)
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5/31/11 5:36 P

no thank you

DEBHAPPY2B Posts: 575
5/31/11 4:37 P

Some people like it, but I am old fashioned. I don't like it either--but I did get myself weaned to skim!

SKINNYMISSKASEY SparkPoints: (114,139)
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Posts: 3,941
5/31/11 4:34 P

I absolutely LOVE unsweetened almond milk. It tastes just like milk to me - and when I have to drink milk, I drink skin or 2% since whole makes me sick.

SIGNALSELLER SparkPoints: (25,379)
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5/31/11 4:12 P

I actually prefer soy (Silk light). Full of protein, chocolate is my fav. But it has to be the light version for me.

JO88BAKO SparkPoints: (317,320)
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Posts: 16,934
5/31/11 4:07 P

naaa. I just drink mooo juice

BUBBLES1541 SparkPoints: (53,545)
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Posts: 3,769
5/31/11 3:37 P

Lite Soy milk and Almond milk

WENDYLEE15 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/31/11 3:23 P

The more I read about how bad"real " cows milk.. dairy products are for me..the more I stay away from them.I always use alternatives.Soy.. almond ect.My kids never even realized that I was using it to make their food. :)

RATFINKROB SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,334
5/31/11 3:17 P

I can't stand milk! I have never tried any of the alternatives. I will just stick with dry cereal and water.

OMAOF17 Posts: 625
5/31/11 3:09 P

I drink Reliv Delight

MAGNIFIEDME Posts: 2,588
5/31/11 2:49 P

I drink organic soymilk, no its not milk its made from soy - I don't like the additives in milk nor the chemicals they give the cows (vacinations, booster shots, hormones)
so yes we do like it, or love it

AK_MILLER SparkPoints: (9,961)
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5/30/11 10:33 P

Cow's milk makes me sick to my stomach, but I don't think I'm lactose intolerant because I eat other diary products with lactose. So I have been using Almond Breeze Vanilla for years. I think it's fantastic and prefer it to regular milk. I've tried soy milk and did not like it at all. Also for a sweet treat, the Almond Breeze Chocolate is awesome - again, I prefer it to regular chocolate milk. There's just something about cow's milk that doesn't sit well with me and Almond milk is a great alternative.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,275
5/30/11 9:44 P

i love rice milk and hazelnut milk and almond milk. but i also never cared for cow milk either. i don't often drink any milk plain, but they do the job of wetting my cereal or sauces.

SLLEE1961 Posts: 2,277
5/30/11 9:13 P

I drink soy milk and milk one cup each day.

LINDSEY7918 SparkPoints: (5,660)
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Posts: 216
5/30/11 9:13 P

Almond milk isn't too bad. I don't care for the smell of it, but it doesn't taste bad! I bought the unsweetened original almond milk. I think next time, I might try the vanilla flavor! I have never tried soy or rice milk. If I don't drink almond milk, I usually drink skim.

DAVIDDMUSIC SparkPoints: (2)
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Posts: 9
5/30/11 9:07 P

One thing I've found is that whereas milk is going to taste like milk no matter which dairy gets it to your table (generally), soy milk varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. I have had bad luck with most, but with the most popular (I think?) brand, Silk, the regular flavored soy milk works great for me. I don't drink it by the glass very often, but I use it every morning in my cereal. I think skimmed milk is horrid and 1% is only tolerable. Regular full fat milk is delicious but not legal for my body. I had some sort of lactose intolerance and it's not a problem for me any longer. That sealed the deal for me!

CAMEOSUN SparkPoints: (86,617)
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Posts: 10,426
5/30/11 8:49 P

We've been using Rice Dream for years.

GIRLGENERICA SparkPoints: (15)
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Posts: 153
5/30/11 8:21 P

I like unsweetened almond milk (I buy the Whole Foods store brand). I add it to smoothies, coffee, or sometimes just drink a little glass of it on its own - I might be the odd one out with that. :)

I have also tried soy milk, and it's definitely not for me.

TEACHERDICE SparkPoints: (6)
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Posts: 807
5/30/11 8:07 P

I tried the chocolate soy milk because I love chocolate milk and was looking for an alternative. I had one glass and the rest went down the drain.

KEELYME Posts: 1,162
5/30/11 8:04 P

I've found that low fat soy milk is a good alternative to regular milk (I'm lactose intolerant). The key though is 'low fat.' I think regular soy milk tastes gross; like condensed milk.

Almond milk is also tasty, but it's disappointingly low in protein. Rice milk is pure carbs, so I skip that as well.

KELLYDUP Posts: 1,148
5/30/11 6:11 P

I have had soy milk and cow's milk. I drink cow's milk (skim) because it has fewer calories than soy milk. For a long while I was drinking a small glass of chocolate flavoured soy milk in the mornings. I didn't like the plain or vanilla flavoured soy milk. Now I just use cow's milk in coffee and over cereal, in the rare event that I eat cereal. I think the "alternative" milks are good for people with lactose intolerance.

5/30/11 6:01 P

I've had cow's milk, soy milk and almond milk. I don't care for almond milk. I like cow's milk in my coffee and cereal and for baking. I keep soy milk on hand for when I want to make a shake, because of it's protein content.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
5/30/11 5:38 P

I can tolerate Almond and Rice milk, but I prefer real milk. I tried Soy Milk and it tasted like Barium Swallow, that chalky substance you drink when you need to have a stomach x ray.

I have read the labels and have not notice anything that makes them healthier than cows milk. They all seem about equal to me. And I asked a dietician and they said the same thing.

5/30/11 4:39 P

I love vanilla soy milk. I can not stand milk. I've been drinking soy for a long time. I don't like the flavor of almond milk. Then that isn't any shock as I don't like nuts. Rice milk is pretty good too. It must be an acquired taste.

ANDILH Posts: 1,543
5/30/11 4:02 P

Real dairy products create a reaction similar to food poisoning for me, so I've learned not to like them. I do use almond milk (have tried soy and rice milks, don't really like them) as an alternative to milk in recipes only if the slight almond flavor won't ruin the recipe. I never just drink milk straight so drinking a glass as some have mentioned isn't a problem for me. There are many benefits to cow's milk as long as you don't have any problems with it and don't use whole milk. Although to me, skim milk and rice milk have about the same consistency.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,828
5/30/11 3:25 P

Personally, I like real cow milk and real dairy products. I don't see the alternatives as healthier than cow's milk. Maybe they are healthy but for different reasons. Also, soy is an allergan to me and causes hives if I get too much of it. So, it is not a healthy alternative but if it works for people with dairy allergies, great. Plus, I have tried soy and the nut milks and do not like the taste at all.

RUTGERSM0M SparkPoints: (72,421)
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Posts: 3,689
5/30/11 3:04 P

I like almond breeze, vanilla flavor to drink and on cereal. I have tried soy but don't like the taste as much.

LORTHOM2001 Posts: 3,676
5/30/11 3:03 P

just google up the benefits of alternatives to cow's milk. rice milk, almond milk soy milk and many more, are fully great alternative to those who'd prefer not to or cannot tolerate animal milk. Bear in mind these alternatives should not be labelled JUICE, they should be MILK in order for it to give the same benefits as milk from the cow.

DISLIMPET Posts: 1,041
5/30/11 2:49 P

The alternative mild products are promoted as being better than cow's milk. Since I'm on a quest to live a healthier life, I tried them.

I, personally, did not care for them.

I just was curious to know if others did.


1TRULYBLESSED SparkPoints: (56,360)
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Posts: 3,604
5/30/11 2:41 P

I like to keep Almond Breeze Original almond milk in my pantry, simply because it doesn't have to be refrigerated so I always have "milk" on hand in a pinch. But, the flavor certainly isn't like "real" milk, and I wouldn't expect to be -- it ISN'T real milk! Fine in smoothies or recipes, but I personally wouldn't drink a glass of the stuff straight.

But then, what does it matter what I or anyone else thinks? If you don't care for it, and you're able to enjoy regular milk, then why worry about it? What works for some people doesn't work for others, and that's perfectly ok!

ALPOPLUP Posts: 5,998
5/30/11 2:40 P

I love almond milk

SUNSHINE99999 Posts: 18,997
5/30/11 2:39 P

My wife and two of our children have soy milk (Pearl brand). Any ideas for chocolate soy chips as my youngest son would like some chocolate chip cookies? We thought we had found some then they had to be recalled so that was NOT to great.

TSKAGGS96 SparkPoints: (15,767)
Fitness Minutes: (3,455)
Posts: 527
5/30/11 2:38 P

almond milk

DISLIMPET Posts: 1,041
5/30/11 2:31 P

There are lots of advertisements for soy, almond, and other milk substitutes on TV, so I decided to try a few.

OMG! They aren't milk...they don't even taste like milk!

Does anybody really LIKE this stuff?

I can understand the attraction if somebody is lactose intolerant, but cow's milk doesn't upset my digestion.

I'm curious about the opinions of others who have tried these products.

Love them or go 'ick'?


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