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SPARKLE883 Posts: 148
9/17/14 3:46 P

Same here - I saw a dietitian/endocrinologist team in August and after one month of South Beach guidelines, lost 17 lbs. Now I'm incorporating more exercise in, and am excited to see what progress I make - I know the first month is probably the big one, but I think this lifestyle will work really well for me. The first 3-4 days sucked, but after that I think it was okay.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,685
9/17/14 2:21 P

I found Deal A Meal to be easier to stay on for a longer time, South Beach is ok, and the Ourtsmart Diabetes one is pretty good..............staying on any of them was the trouble, as it is with most people using fad diets. I did Deal A Meal for 11 months with no extra eating, but the 11 months ended at Christmas time, and that did me in. Go to a dietitian who can help map out an eating plan using foods that you actually like, that does help a lot...........but alas, there will be a "pooping out" at some point. You will lose weight on any of them, losing the weight isn't the problem.

ABBEYGIRL103 Posts: 29
9/17/14 1:10 P

My doctor just put me on the South Beach diet and I was hoping there was group when I found this post. Is there a South Beach Diet Team?

8/25/14 6:19 P

My doctor put me on SB in June due to insulin resistance. I've lost 15 pounds so far. I didn't find phase 1 difficult at all.

I'm not sure there is benefit to it if you don't have a health condition though.

JHAACK39 SparkPoints: (12,343)
Fitness Minutes: (8,592)
Posts: 282
8/25/14 3:04 P

I don't have any experience with diets. I set out to simply 'eat better' without limiting my intake to or from any kind of food.

A lot of people asked me on my journey if I "cut out carbs". I didn't. I like them too much.

There were times I passed on an a bun, because it allowed me to have an extra chicken brat covered with onions and peppers.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,685
8/25/14 2:58 P

If you can't find people here, just type it into your search engine, there are some sites out there for people doing different plans, or go to magazine web sites and just check their sections loaded with dieters. When it all comes down to it, you can depend on yourself though, it's a skill to learn, to choose nutritional foods over tasty ones.

FUNTIMEFRANKY SparkPoints: (108)
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Posts: 4
8/25/14 2:02 P

This is only the 3rd time I've signed in to SP. I'm totally lost and confused! Anyway, I'm starting SB phase1 tomorrow and I was hoping to find a few buddies to help with accountability. Have I come to the right place?

DANNI0713 SparkPoints: (6,088)
Fitness Minutes: (14,107)
Posts: 47
8/25/14 11:06 A

I'm currently on SB Phase 1, Day 2. I did SB about two years ago and lost 35 pounds on it. Wanted to get back on it because it really helps me control my cravings and it will reteach me how make better food choices.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,269)
Fitness Minutes: (5,920)
Posts: 3,789
8/25/14 5:09 A

Fruit is permitted on SBD.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,685
8/24/14 3:35 P

It's another one of the "Oldies But Goodies", meaning, if you stick to it and for the rest of your LIFE, it's just are all the other plans, low starch is helpful for most of us. Skip the Phase 1 nonsense, and go for the 2nd phase. I've tried many of those common plans, lost at least 40 lbs and more, but "Deal A Meal" was the best one. They are really all just trying to get you to eat lower portions, and, after awhile, you get tired of doing that, because it just does not satisfy you. Case closed. Do what you can and what feels good right now, but no guarantees, of course. And move more, no matter what you eat, that is an ORDER.

QUEEN3510VA Posts: 537
8/23/14 4:12 P

My Dr. put me on South Beach due to a high A1C test. I lost 6 lbs during phase 1. Will do phase 1 over and follow it to the letter. I will also incorporate walking. It's not as difficult as I thought as long as I have the right foods to eat at all times. Thank you for any support.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
4/9/14 1:10 P

I've done South Beach in the past and believe it is a healthy way of eating if one skips all those processed South Beach entrees and snacks and just follows the original diet.

4/9/14 1:03 P

I like South Beach. I'm back on it (Day 3 for me today) and it really helps me purge those high-impact carb cravings. I don't even mind Phase 1. It sort of mentally preps me for Phase 2, when we get to add fruits and other complex carbs back in. I lost 20 pounds on SB about three years ago and kept it off until last summer. My dad passed away and I had to settle his estate, which was unbelievably stressful. So I ate all those less-than-healthy carbs. Back on the Beach, looking forward to dropping the 11 pounds I gained!

3/26/14 1:16 P

I'm on day 3 of SB phase 1. It hasn't been too hard. I think I did a really good job of pre-planning some meals and having tons of choices for when I get hungry or just need something to munch on. Having cucumbers, bell peppers, celery, and other snack veggies has saved me from splurging on something else here at work.

On a side note, I have always loved SB recipes but haven't done a full blown Phase 1. Kalyn's Kitchen ( is an awesome website with great recipes for SB (and other types of low-carb options). Her recipes are some of the best I've found. My unsuspecting boyfriend has no clue! :)

2/25/14 12:40 A

No, I have not, but I have checked it out and it looks very healthy!
Good Luck!

DPDAVIS Posts: 3,548
2/24/14 11:57 P


JUSTJUDEATTUDE SparkPoints: (87,980)
Fitness Minutes: (71,138)
Posts: 6,700
2/24/14 11:27 P

LOVE Low-Carb eating. Only way I can lose weight. I am beginning to already feel so much better and have more energy than I have had in a long time. Once you get rid of the garbage in your body you will. No white artificial sugars other than Truvia....NO cold drinks. Difficult?? Yes!!! But h So worth it!!!

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
Fitness Minutes: (36,342)
Posts: 2,545
2/24/14 11:19 P

Any diet that is not the standard high fat, highly processed (non)food American diet will make you healthier and help you lose weight.

You do not need a special diet plan, just a healthy diet with portion control.

MJEFFERSON23 SparkPoints: (32,691)
Fitness Minutes: (16,395)
Posts: 1,280
2/24/14 6:03 P

I like south Beach and I am eating low carb right now. It is the only way for me!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,532
2/24/14 5:50 P

I have known people who are on it. Even though they have been on it for years. There has been no visible improvement in their weight loss or general health.

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2/24/14 5:31 P

I think it's kind of hard to stick to. I love fruits and can't have them. I love rice, can't have that either. I think once I get passed phase 1 I will do better. I just want to be healthy.

PTREE15 SparkPoints: (8,292)
Fitness Minutes: (11,594)
Posts: 490
2/24/14 2:52 P

I haven't tried it, but a couple of friends have, with mixed results. One gained all 65 pounds he lost and then some, and the other has kept most of her 35 pounds off. I have cut back on some of the refined carbs, but I pay more attention to the portions rather than the food itself. I'll never be free of pasta and bread, lol, but I do eat a lot less of that stuff now. I pretty much save such carbs for one meal a day at the most.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
2/23/14 10:50 P


ANARIE Posts: 13,199
2/23/14 10:13 P

I'm generally extremely skeptical about low-carb plans because most of them cut out healthy foods. But South Beach, if you skip Phase 1, is really just an old-fashioned healthy diet. It doesn't cut carbs very much; it just tells you to get your carbs from vegetables, legumes, low-fat dairy, and whole grains. It doesn't go crazy on the fats, either. If you need a specific diet program, South Beach is one of the healthier ones.

I would recommend skipping phase 1, both because it's harder than the others and because it's not especially healthy and gives you the wrong idea about carbs. But if you start in Phase 2 or 3, you'll probably lose weight just as well without the struggle of adapting to a stricter diet right away.

IXCACAO SparkPoints: (11,239)
Fitness Minutes: (3,742)
Posts: 98
2/23/14 8:50 P

Years ago, probably 2004? I lost 60 or so pounds on South Beach. I worked very hard at it though, including lots of exercise, and I had a pretty active type job. I was able to keep 50 of it off until 2010 eating most days in a South Beach fashion. Then I got a divorce and lost more weight due to stress. Then met someone new and got pregnant and gained all of it and more back.

Now i'm back losing weight again. I liked South Beach and would have done it again but decided to try Weight Watchers this time (because my sisters are doing it) with some South Beach elements thrown in. Basically just minimize the carbs in my diet.

MAMA_CD Posts: 1,507
2/23/14 8:07 P

No, I've been on Atkins for the past 8 years. Basically that means lots of green veggies, some colored veggies, protein and fat with little carbs (not no carbs) . Both South Beach and Atkins have a number of similarities, cutting carbs.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (251,495)
Fitness Minutes: (126,340)
Posts: 14,917
2/23/14 7:49 P

I like South Beach. I'm not strictly on the plan now, but still eat SB recommended foods.

I learned a lot from the book - better food choices and how your body processes different foods.

2/23/14 7:23 P

Thank you :)

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/23/14 6:38 P

I never tried it - I don't do "plans", but I do a form of low carb. No pasta, no rice (occasional brown), rarely bread (oatmeal whole grain on occasion), 1 fruit a day, yes to popcorn (it's so low calorie, high fiber I can't say no to that). I based my diet more on GI/GL index.

Anyway - I like it and have had success at it, but like I said, my way of doing it isn't a "plan".

Have you ever talked to Russell? You can find him on the Diet/Nutrition thread. He doesn't do South Beach, but has lost a ton on low carb - and he really knows what he's talking about. If you want any advice on low carb in general, post to him over there :)

Good luck!!!

2/23/14 5:53 P

It's low carb. Basically cutting all breads, pasta, rice, corn, and fruits from your diet for weeks, then adding back small amounts of those things, but the healthier variety.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (586,676)
Fitness Minutes: (352,967)
Posts: 16,660
2/23/14 5:48 P

I've never tried it.

2/23/14 5:45 P

Has anyone tried The South Beach Diet? Results?

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