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2/12/15 9:06 P

I'm on day 5 of phase 1, and I did notice that the first 3 days I had no appetite but I ate because I knew I had to get food into my body because the first and second day I was feeling lightheaded which I attributed to my blood sugar getting low. So I ate at the times that the SBD phase 1 tells you to, after the first few days though I have noticed that I have a little more appetite than I did at first. I would say try to eat something even if its not as much as it says in the book. You might also become more normalized after a few days like I am.

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3/27/14 3:13 P

That feeling is why low carb works. It may seem weird to the average dieter, but you don't get cravings, if carbs stay low enough. You aren't supposed to have cravings, or be hungry. You eat to fuel your body, not to satisfy hunger, because you aren't supposed to wait till you are hungry to eat. That would take a few days. You can't get hungry if you just ate 6-10 hours ago. Those are cravings, and while normal for most people, aren't something you will experience on low carb, unless you raise carbs above a certain level.

Sometimes it can feel like you are overeating, and until this goes away, you may choose to have 5-6 smaller meals, so you aren't eating a bunch at one time, since you don't feel like it, or have a queasy feeling. This passes in a week or so, and then you will just eat at the appointed time, and will have no problem eating everything you made, but still not feel cravings, or that you NEED to eat.

This will allow you to eat the proper amount of calories, and make losing weight a lot more simple than having cravings, and trying to ignore them. When I remember how I used to diet, I seriously wonder how people lose ANY weight while they are constantly thinking about food. I never did.

I am also diabetic, and if you are doing low carb, make sure that you are eating some carbs at every meal. I had quite a few low blood sugars when I did Atkins Induction ( 20 grams carbs ), but find it much easier at 60-80 grams a day, but if I eat 55 grams for supper, and 10 the rest of the day, I will either experience a low blood sugar, or get close enough that it might cause symptoms like you are having.

As far as the low carb flu, the only time I ever felt headaches, and weakness was at the start, five years ago, and that was because I didn't drink enough water. Low carb has a diuretic effect, so you will lose water weight, and sometimes, even if you are taking multiple trips to the bathroom, you don't stop and think that you need to drink more. I think the " low carb flu ", is just dehydration, because people start drinking just water, before they like the taste, and don't drink 8+ glasses. I make sure to drink 100 ozs. a day minimum. No problems since.

So drink lots of water, divide carbs as evenly as possible.. test blood sugars if you are diabetic, and don't wait for hunger/cravings to happen. Just set out a menu, and eat exactly what you planned, even if you have to eat 1/2 the meal, and 1/2 of it an hour later.

On low carb, I have been off my diabetes meds ( 2000 mg Metformin, 4 mg Amaryl ) for 4 years, and my A1C is now 5.0. It took one year to get off the meds. The transition from higher blood sugars to lower ones, even if they never get you off your meds, makes it more likely that you will have low blood sugars.. so be vigilant. If you feel " off ", test your blood sugar, and if it is 60, eat something. Have a plan, because you have a higher probability of having an episode, and you don't want to be planning at that time, you just want to know you should eat 1/2 an apple, or some other thing, and just do it. When I started , I was having blood sugars over 400, so " low blood sugar " sounded like the goal I On Day 2, I had my first low blood sugar, and found out I was wrong. You want to keep the blood sugars between 80-120.

Hopefully you find out how to alleviate the feeling sick part, but right now I am cooking up some green beans and chicken thighs. I ate breakfast at 8 a.m., and it's 3 p.m., and I will eat because that is when I have lunch scheduled, but I don't feel hungry. Another thing you will find, is that if you do low carb, HIGH FAT, a 600 calorie dish will be tiny compared to say, a 600 calorie bowl of noodles, or cereal. The only thing adding volume is the tons of veggies you should be enjoying on low carb. I aim for 10 servings a day. Don't try to eat protein to make up for the drop in carbs. Over 25-30% protein makes me queasy. I aim for 25 %, and that pushes fat up to 65%. You probably eat a higher percentage of carbs on SB though, so if you eat 25 % carbs, and 25% protein, you may consume 50 % fat. If you are trying to keep fat at 40% or less, this may push protein above 30%, and most people find it almost impossible to eat that much protein. It just makes them feel sick to their stomach.

Good Luck with your plan. You got a good start, and once you get feeling better, should sail along without cravings.

3/26/14 1:55 P

I'm feeling that a bit today, but my hunger usually isn't bad until the evening. Hoping I stay about the same. I think forcing a few veggies or a hard-boiled egg down might be a good idea? Just something to keep your metabolism up.

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1/19/14 3:15 A

I would bet you are in ketosis and your body is using stored fat for fuel.

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1/19/14 2:08 A

It's great that you know you'll get cravings when you are up at night because you can make a contingency plan for when they arrive. For example, I have to drive by Burger King every time I need to go to the grocery store. My auto response is to just go there and get a burger because I didn't used to live near one so I could only have a BK burger a few times a year. Now, I have conditioned myself to follow up my instant burger craving when I think about driving past BK with "When I get back home I'll get to enjoy (insert something healthy here) as a snack." It has greatly helped with other cravings I have that pertain to specific situations.

I also work over night so I make sure I bring healthy snacks with me to keep me going otherwise I know I'll be stopping at a gas station on the way home to load up on processed carbs. Haha!

Congrats on your progress.

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1/18/14 11:14 P

Thanks for the input. I slept late today, so my first meal was the tuscan eggs from kalyn's kitchen website. It was amazing!! Not very hungry still today, but did get hungry late tonight. I don't feel bad physically so I don't think it is the SB flu. But I do relate to feeling different now vs. when eating carbs. I could eat and eat when having carbs. The first few days of phase 1, I felt like I wanted to eat ALL THE TIME. Now I'm experiencing something I've never felt before. Like any junkfood isn't worth it. Even though I crave it late at night. Getting on a cycle will probably help, so I don't end up feeling starved when I do get hungry. Then I want to eat ANYTHING in sight all of a sudden. Anyway, I'm rambling, but thanks so much for the input everyone!!

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1/18/14 3:54 P

When you cut carbs, you'll lose a bunch of water weight and if you eat some carbs some of that water will come right back. I know if I'm eating very low carb and then go on a carb binge or even have a celebratory meal and slice of cake, I can end up to 8 pounds up on the scale the next day. Also, when you cut carbs, you're getting off the cycle. I'm no dietitian, don't know the situation with diabetes if you have one, and can only speak to my own experience. When I first went on low carb, I just stopped being hungry. Before, I was always hungry and it was really from eating oatmeal for breakfast, my blood sugar crashing really hard, then being really hungry having a sandwich, then same thing happening again (I used to call it chasing the dragon). Once I got off that cycle, I didn't recognize or feel any of the type of hunger I had been used to feeling. I felt like not eating. But I found that what was best was getting myself on a cycle of eating proper meals and my real, natural hunger came back - and it's much better than the ravenous low-blood sugar driven hunger I used to have.

FWIW, I'll also mention that I get sick to stomach when I'm eating if I eat when I'm too hungry or have gone too long between meals and if I'm drinking lots of coffee on an empty stomach. ETA: what you're describing can also be symptoms of the "low carb flu" which is how some describe how your body reacts when you drastically reduce carbs. The first phase of the South Beach diet is fairly low carb, so if you feel comfortable doing it, and don't want to wait it out, you may want to increase some good carbs like beans.

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1/17/14 8:16 P

" I want to keep my blood sugar even, ..."

I had a peek at your SparkPage and note that you are a member of the Diabetes Team. If this continues, PLEASE talk with your Dr, and/or your Dietitian or Diabetes Nurse.


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1/17/14 11:36 A

I don't think a sudden lack of appetite is because of how you've been eating for the past couple of weeks. Is it possible you're getting sick? Hopefully not, and hopefully your appetite comes back in the next day or so. I would try to plan out some meals/snacks for the day if your appetite doesn't return soon, just so that you're getting all of the nutrients your body needs.

Coach Jen

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1/17/14 10:21 A

My hubby and I started South Beach phase one almost 2 weeks ago. I lost 6.5 pounds the first week. Then we did have one "cheat" meal Sunday night, but I only cheated with a dessert. I weighed Wednesday and was up 2 pounds. Not ideal, but I understand my body is going to fluctuate and not know what it wants to do right now. I'm in this for the long term.

However, my recent experience the last 2 days is strange. Yesterday, I ate an omelet for breakfast and had 2 cups of coffee. I drank water the rest of the day and had one ounce of peanuts. I had a healthy lunch ready, but just WAS NOT hungry. I finally ate around 7 pm because I was starting to feel a little hungry. This morning, I have an egg bake for breakfast, but have only eaten about half of it. I just DON'T feel like eating. Rather, I almost felt sick to my stomach as I ate. My water and coffee are the only things that "feel right", if that makes any sense.

Has anyone else experienced this? I want to keep my blood sugar even, etc, but I don't want to force food on my body. Thoughts? Advice?



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