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3/15/13 9:04 A

Fitness comes on SO fast from a low base, trust me. Don't worry if you're getting sore and have to dial it back for a few days. As soon as your muscles adjust, you can get back at it again and you'll find it will be much better. If you were able to do 1.7 and 2.7 miles right off the bat, then odds are you'll be doing that again in a couple of weeks or less without the pain. But don't destroy yourself to get there, it won't help. Just listen to your body, find a distance (no matter what it is) that you can do without paying for it later, and then ramp up slowly from there.

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,592
3/15/13 1:32 A

are you overdoing it? seems like your body thinks so. i'm a great proponent of "if it hurts, stop"
when i started a walking program, i only did half a mile for the first month, and even that hurt for the first two weeks. and drop the drugs. if they make you jittery, what do you think they are doing to your heart?

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,452
3/15/13 1:32 A

The best approach to sore muscles is an 'active recovery'. Increased blood flow to the muscles actually helps the recovery process.

Keep walking, but definitely dial back the speed and distance for a week or two, until your body adjusts to the new demands you are making of it. I know you say you don't want to walk less than 2 miles, but it seems that your body is telling you very clearly that that is too much AT THE MOMENT.

The good news is that coming off a low base, your fitness should increase quite quickly as long as you continue to walk regularly. So keep walking, just ramp things up gradually.


SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
3/14/13 10:33 P

"It might help to also know that I started the ACE weight loss pills so walking is the best way for me to not get jittery."

So many things wrong with this statement. Why are you throwing your money away on expensive unproven, unregulated pills? If you want to spend money wisely to boost results, hire a personal trainer and/or nutritionist. If the pills are making you jittery, why would you continue to take them. Do you enjoy that feeling? Do you have to take something else to calm down at night?

There are no magic pills or quick fixes. You can't go from 0 to 60 overnight. If you are so sore that you can barely move, why would you think it would be a good idea to walk 2 miles? How do you think you'll feel the next day?

"I still want to try to get in better shape and loose weight" You're not going to do it on your current course. It is a path to illness, injury and burnout. Sorry for sounding so harsh, but you seem like you need a wake up call.

Please ditch the pills. They are expensive, unsustainable, don't work long-term and could actually harm you if you have any underlying health issues. Check out the SP walking guide
alking.asp to learn how to progress safely and sensibly. We cannot fix what took years to do in a matter of weeks. Be safe and be well.

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3/14/13 9:33 P

Personally, I think you are over doing it. It is great that you want to walk but Rome was not built in a day.

I am an experienced runner but even I have days where I need to slow down and pace myself or walk less. In fact I was pushing myself too hard for a while and eventually gave up on walking and running altogether. I am now having to retrain myself to run and I'm having to take it slow and less distance so I don't wear myself out again.

Also, normal rest is good for the body. If you are worn out after two days then walk 2 days, rest 1 and eventually work up to where you want to be. It may seem slow and irritating but in the long run, slow and steady wins the race. Don't wear yourself out so early on.

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3/14/13 9:15 P

Are you new to this walking regime? If so, 2 miles may be way too much all at once. Maybe do one mile morning and one in evening. Or even half a mile morning/evening. It doesn't have to be painful or strenuous or even take a lot of time for the exercise to be beneficial.

Also, please think twice about the ACE. There was another thread that was started on this topic in which it was discussed that this can be very unhealthy. Usually diet supplements are not encouraged. It sounds like you are a "go getter" with your weight loss plan....just remember sometimes it might be frustrating and it will take time. You didn't gain the weight all in one week or one month or even one year. Start thinking of this as a lifestyle, not a diet. You can do this. And you can do this without any diet helpers like ACE :)

DOUGLYE Posts: 1,541
3/14/13 4:25 P

I also like walking. Until I was diagnosed with Achilles Tendinitis in January 2013 I was walking 7 km a day.

You can't do it all in 1 day! Build up the length and speed of your walks in increments. Let your body have a day or 2 to recover and heal the muscles that are sore. STRETCH ! Stretch and stretch after your walks and during your recovery days.

You will be speed walking in no time.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
3/14/13 2:29 P

You may be overdoing it, yes.

If your body is screaming not to do that again, don't do that again. Let it rest until the pain subsides.

Then, when comfortable to, start walking again and either take it more slowly or do less distance.

There is no sense at all in pushing yourself so far so fast that you explode into a massive fireball of failure as soon as you're out of the gate. Long-term, the best results will come from starting at a slow and sensible pace.

Look after that PF. Roll your foot over a golf ball or frozen coke bottle of water after walking.

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3/14/13 2:28 P

The more you move the more the pain goes away!

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3/14/13 2:23 P

I started walking Tuesday. I walked 1.6 miles Tuesday and 2.7 yesterday. I am so sore today I can barely move. (I have plantar fasciitis and a buldging disk in my back, however, I still want to try to get in better shape and loose weight)
I tried the hot bath with epsom salt but I still hurt. I want to walk again today but my body seems to be screaming in protest. Any ideas? I also don't want to do less than 2 miles if I can help it.
Am I over doing it at first.

It might help to also know that I started the ACE weight loss pills so walking is the best way for me to not get jittery. Also for the first time since high school, I feel good when I am walking and after I walk. And I look forward to walking.


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