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7/23/13 7:20 A

Thanks for all of the advice!! Turns out I just had a virus. Sorry for wigging out :). I'm back up and running today :D

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7/22/13 1:18 P

Sounds like the flu or another similar virus, honestly. Especially since you're feeling better after a few days. If it'd make you feel better, though, you could post what you're eating here (or open up your tracker if you're using it) just to make sure your calories are OK and so on.

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
7/22/13 1:17 P

Have you made drastic changes like giving up things like a lot of sugar, alcohol or caffeine when before last week you consumed a lot of those things? Those types of changes could affect how you feel for a week or two as your system adjusts (goes through withdrawal).

I'd suggest keeping track of your food for now. Drink water. Try to eat enough calories.

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7/22/13 11:33 A

I am of the opinion to call your doctor! This is what they are here for. Take your food journal so they can see if you aren't eating correctly or let you know if it is sickness. Members of a message board are not trained to be able to tell you what is wrong from your description. It could be a wide range of things.

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7/22/13 11:07 A

You may have just been legitimately sick with a virus of some kind. Make sure that you're eating at least 1200 calories every day and while you may suffer from a bit of withdrawal, eating heathier shouldn't make you sick.

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7/22/13 10:59 A

Have you drastically changed your diet? It's possible your body could be going into "shock" because of the change. What have you usually been eating and what are you eating now? It could be due to a less amount of protein/sugar consumption. Make sure you are eating enough food. I know that when I went off sugar my body freaked out and I felt ill for several days but after that I was fine.

7/21/13 7:13 P

I Just joined about a week ago so sorry this is my first post. I have never dieted before so I don't know if I'm sick because I'm doing it wrong or because I happened to get a bug this week. Friday I became dizzy, had chills and sweats, and basically have slept all weekend long. I tried eating some sugar in case my blood sugar crashed and it helped a little but not 100%. I'm feeling 75% better today. I did a 10min workout to see if I could and it felt ok. I guess I'm just looking for insight to make sure I'm not making myself sick. I've been worried because the whole dieting thing really hasn't been as bad as I imagined it would be. I'm staying pretty full and my elliptical is pretty fun! I'm hoping to lose at least 40lbs before our trip to Hawaii in December!

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