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5/31/13 10:35 P

emoticon on your progress! I just read a blog on here about how we depend on our scales too much. The writer described various reasons for the numbers on the scale & factors that affect those numbers. It was really informative & reassuring! I will post a link as soon as I locate it for you! emoticon

5/31/13 10:20 P

I wouldn't worry too much. Did you weigh yourself shortly after you ate? The scale will reflect that (even though it is temporary) if that's what you did. More than likely though it is from gaining muscle.

How are your clothes fitting? I notice a big difference even when I just start working out. Clothes fit so much better and I don't feel so 'blah'.

BTW-congrats on all that exercise (and the weight loss)! I know it can be frustrating when you do EVERYTHING right and the scale likes to play games. It is good for keeping track of weight but don't let it get you down; go by how your clothes feel.

Don't stress about it and you will get there eventually. emoticon

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5/31/13 6:12 P

I'm at a total loss. I am on my first rest day in two weeks. I know I'm supposed to rest one day a week but due to a friends surprising invite, I had to cancel last weeks rest day to be there with her! So two weeks have gone by since my last weigh in and in that time I have successfully hiked 5 mountains, played 3 games of hockey, gone for a few runs and used my bike to get to work er'ryday! With the addition of watching my eating habits and tracking my calories, I thought for sure I was going to see a five pound loss on the scale today. Turns out, I gained a pound! I'm pretty much at a loss right now. It's not like I just started working out two weeks ago either. I had a ton of success between april and may, going from 245 to 231 in only a month, and now things seem to have slowed to a halt as my efforts rise. Here are a few things I have thought of as contributing factors: first, I just finished eating a sort of heavy meal of a sandwich with a side of perogies. I know this is a bit much for a lunch time meal but yesteryday I under ate by almost 700 calories. Also, I have been making big gains in muscle definition, especially my legs, and I know that muscle is heavier than fat. Also, being that I under ate yesterday, I am worried that my body is attempting to store the food I eat today. But does it work that quickly? I don't know. Either way, yesterday was a great day with a 11km hike in the late afternoon and today is a down day with an added pound instead of 5 lost pounds. Man do I hate goals sometimes.

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