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7/10/13 4:59 A

How about a flask of home-made chicken and vegetable soup (recipe available on spark recipes)? You can add quinoa or wholewheat pasta to it to make it more calorific and satisfying for hard manual labour...

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6/26/13 3:49 P

Gonna second (third?) the pasta salad ideas. I worked on a farm through highschool and those carbs were definitely needed. And the coldness was super refreshing. Just be sure to add plenty of meat, whether its canned tuna, pre cooked chicken, or whatever. Many recipes are mayonaise based and you can easily lighten these up by using half light mayo made with olive oil (Kraft's tastes really good) and half greek yougrt. I'm assuming you'll be adding other spices and seasonings in there and I bet they wouldn't even notice the healthful switch.

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6/20/13 1:57 A

Yeah pasta salad is a quick and often refreshing meal for the avid outdoorsmen. I myself spend a lot of time outdoors and love the refreshingly cool flavors of chilled pasta salad. Two of my favorites are tuna pasta salad and orzo pasta salad. Delicious, healthy, and very adaptable to whatever you have in the cupboard/refrigerator.

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6/18/13 8:19 P

pasta salad?

pasta (whatever kind you like), chicken breast, basil, bell pepper, artichoke hearts, shredded parmesan cheese (or a low fat version if you like that), olive oil and red wine vinegar (or a low fat, light dressing if you like that) You can load up on the other ingredients so the pasta isn't the main thing.

you could vary it a lot of different ways with different veggies.

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6/18/13 6:31 P

What about some kind of kebabs/skewers? The possibilities with those are endless with meat and veggies. You could provide tortillas or pitas to go with them.

Calzones might be good too. They're generally not super healthy but farm workers can probably handle the extra calories no problem.

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6/16/13 8:27 A

You could do bbq pork in the crock pot! Just cook a roast, then shred it and mix in a bottle of bbq sauce. Still a sandwich, but a really yummy one! You can serve it with cole slaw and fruit.

Or keep the sandwiches, but skip the chips and go with fruit salad.

B3FARMS Posts: 21
6/14/13 7:24 P

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could make for my farm guys? I know they get tired of sandwiches and chips in the field. I'm trying to make healthier choices for my husband who is trying to lose weight also.

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