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1/15/13 1:04 P

the scale is not the only thing to look at. try looking at the way your cloths are fitting or do a measurement and see if you lost some inches.

emoticon you will start to see changes..

TRACYLYNN853 Posts: 490
1/15/13 12:39 P

Why the pounds don't come off faster!

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,188
1/15/13 12:02 P

to be "correct" muscle does not weigh more than fat. a pound of muscle weighs the same amount as a pound of fat. What is different is that fat takes up ALOT more room/volume than muscle does.

1/15/13 9:46 A

I skimmed the replies, and didn't see any mention of the scales that measure %'age of muscle. I have the Omron HBF 514. It gives some interesting measures - the most fun being "body age." (also visceral fat, BMI, resting metabolism, more)

These have been discussed on here before. The technology is not perfect, but it will give you estimates to work with. Some Dr's have very expensive machines that are more accurate. I got mine for $66 from Amazon, but I think they're more now. I can't remember the name of these, but if you search the Omron HBF 514 you'll get it.

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1/14/13 7:34 P

I use the scale, pay attention to how my clothes fit, and pay attention to my physical body. Is my belly or love handles smaller? I agree with concentrating on making the healthy changes and being active. The weight loss will happen.

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1/14/13 1:43 P


DMJAKES said it best. Unless you are eating a surplus of calories combined with a body building program, you won't pack on muscle. Packing on "mass" requires that a person eat more. If you're eating at a deficit (to lose weight) and combining that with some regular strength training, you will minimize the amount of lean muscle you lose from dieting.

When a person losses weight, we all think we're just losing body fat. Yes, we do lose fat, BUT we lose lean muscle too. That's why it's important for a person to strength train when they are trying to lose weight so that they don't lose too much lean muscle. But the fact is, if you're trying to lose weight, some of that loss will be from muscle as well as fat. There is no diet out there that will cause a person to lose fat only. If you see one that says you only lose fat, you'll be wasting your money on a fraudulent product.

So, what happens when we strength train when we're trying to lose weight ? We make the muscle we already have work more efficiently. When your muscle is working efficiently, it burns fat.

I've been strength training for many years now. Let me say this, you will NOT look like a body builder if you lift a heavy weight. If your measurements increase or the scale goes up, it's not because of muscle. It's because of water retention. When a person strength trains or workout intensely, their muscle fibers soak up water like a sponge. this is what they are supposed to do. Your muscles will release any excess water they don't need once they've adapted to the new routine. So, don't be alarmed if the scale goes up when you start strength training. It's nothing more than water retention.

Now, why strength train ? Muscle doesn't weigh more than fat per se. The difference between the two is in volume. Muscle takes up less space on the body than fat. think of muscle the way you think about lead. Think of body fat the way you think about foam rubber. Put one pound of each on the scale and they weigh the same. The difference ? Size. fat takes up a lot of space. So, if you can increase your lean muscle, that will help tighten up your body and decrease its size.

A good strength training program can help a person lose 1-2 clothing sizes without losing any weight. It's all about decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle. For women, this will take time. Women don't pack on muscle the same way men do. That's a myth. However, we do both benefit from a good strength training program.

What to do ? If you've never strength trained before, start with the fitness section. Coach Nicole has some short ST workouts posted that you can try. Start with one workout a week. Do you have a gym membership ? If so, consider taking a weight training class. Most gyms do have weight training classes. they might be called Body Pump, Pump, Sculpt, etc. In a class, you'll have access to an instructor who will teach you good form. You'll also learn the basics. which is always a good place to start.

But, a woman shouldn't be afraid to lift a heavy weight. You're a lot stronger than you think. Don't be afraid to challenge those muscles. Remember, if you gain weight in the first week or so, it's not because you're packing on muscle. It's because you're retaining water and that's perfectly normal.

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1/14/13 10:35 A

Working out & lifting weights won't increase your muscle mass to the point where you gain weight--unless you're training as a serious body-builder. Regular exercise & muscle gain will tighten your body and if you're combining that with a low-cal diet, you'll lose inches and on the scale.

1/14/13 10:02 A

Salsa_Diva_44 wrote:
Ok, so i know that it is important to tabulate your weightloss using more than just the scale, but I'm so confused on how you can have successful weightloss via the scale while incorporating cardio as well as strength training. With building muscle the scale will say you weigh more than you actually do, however at what point do you start gaining more muscle, but also the scale reflecting your weightloss as well... When do the two balance the other out?? : / any clarification would be helpful!! Thx!

The first part of your question about how one can have successful weightloss using the scale when you're exercising with cardio & strength training.
I don't see where that's a problem so no confusion on that point, maybe the real question lies in your next part of your question about how muscle weighs more. It's true, a handful of body fat weighs less than a handful of muscle.

That said unless you're weightlifting heavy for body building you won't have this problem to worry about; in other words assume the weight on the scale is your actually weight rather trying to assume it's muscle weight.

What you CAN do is not be a slave to the numbers on the scale and use how your clothes fit as a gauge but not new clothes, the clothes you wear every day. The way they fit is a better guage and measure of success than the scale especially if you're worried about having "muscle" and using that as a reason the scale is weighing you higher.

Good luck!

1/14/13 8:45 A

I find that when I am doing a combination of cardio and strength training that I add muscle mass AND lose weight at the same time (of course, that means eating right too).

It is all good.

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
1/14/13 8:41 A

Salsa - in order to really "build" muscle, you would need to eat at a surplus, and REALLY hone in on what you eat and when, and also spend an extreme amount of time in the gym. Even if you do all of that, the vast majority women don't have the genetics/testosterone to bulk up and put on any significant amount of pounds.

While trying to lose weight, strength training helps minimize the loss of muscle, bone and organ tissue that comes with focusing on calorie deficit alone. It also helps your clothes fit better and can make everyday movements easier. Combine strength training with challenging cardio and you've got the best possible chance of losing weight, keeping it off, and becoming more fit and healthy.

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1/14/13 2:02 A

Hope that you found the info that you werelooking for from fellow members.

Muscle looks good in clothes or out, fat.looks bad in clothes or out!

Muscle can work, fat takes up space.

Muscle burns fat. So having more muscle will help you to burn fat more readily.

Fat does not burn fat!

The body needs a healthy balance of the nutritional components and sufficient calories into the tank, in order to healthily and efficiently burn the fat during ones cardio/physical conditioning program.

( IMHO - I'd rather be in good cardio and physical condition and over weight, than to beeven at the lower range of ideal weight and out of shape. )

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,787
1/14/13 12:54 A

you will have to get your mind around the fact that, while a pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle, they do not take up the same volume of space. so while your nasty, hateful scale says you've gained weight, a true statement, your clothes will say you have lost size. as you lose size, you will get healthier, and, if you keep at it and only weigh yourself once a week for tracking, you will loose weight. it is a long trip, repairing the damage you've done to yourself during the weight gaining part of your life. as long as you don't fall for the large weight loss real fast lie, you'll do alright.

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1/13/13 10:56 P

muscle does weigh more, however, your body will lose weight. I do not really look at my scale. I hardly ever "weigh in". I judge my sucess by how my clothes fit... such as going from a size 14 to 10 pants! Also, my husband is noticing changes in my figure! I just do what feels right.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,763
1/13/13 9:32 P

No two bodies are alike, so no one on here will "come together with weightloss and muscle tone" at some certain date or time, because of being human. Just like following a diet plan from a book exactly won't give you the results that the book says, it's not that simple. Or you could get sick and not be able to exercise for weeks at a time, so whatever the numbers on your scale said, would change, higher or lower, depending on food intake and out take, too. That's why, you start a healthier eating plan that suits you, realize that you will be following that plan the rest of your natural life, as well as you are able to do it.....................let the chips fall where they may. Easy it ain't.............

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1/13/13 8:48 P

Muscle WEIGHS a little bit more than fat, but it also helps you to BURN more fat over time. The more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism will work.

Sometimes you will stay about the same on the scale, but lose inches and look better as you build more muscle. This is why it is important to measure yourself as well as weighing.

Even doing strength training twice a week (in addition to cardio) can make a big difference. If you get stuck at a plateau, adding more strength training minutes or a little more weight can make a difference.

1/13/13 8:15 P

Someone said this to me a long time ago and I apply it to overcoming my impatience during weight loss... trust the process and let go of the outcome!


TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/13/13 7:40 P

for me weight loss is not about a number on the scales. It is about how my clothes fit, how I eat a healthy diet and how well my workouts are coming along. If you eat healthy, find workouts that you like it will all fall into place. Just trust the process..............Worry will only cause stress and you don't need that.......

MRS_GLAM44 Posts: 229
1/13/13 6:41 P

Ok, so i know that it is important to tabulate your weightloss using more than just the scale, but I'm so confused on how you can have successful weightloss via the scale while incorporating cardio as well as strength training. With building muscle the scale will say you weigh more than you actually do, however at what point do you start gaining more muscle, but also the scale reflecting your weightloss as well... When do the two balance the other out?? : / any clarification would be helpful!! Thx!

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