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GYPSYGOTH SparkPoints: (94,944)
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11/23/13 11:25 A

I am actually not paying for it, since I work there! But it is hard to make myself go on days I don't work!

I am not a morning person at all. I do work out at home as well, but the variety at the gym (not to mention the pool and sauna) really can't be beat!

FITWITHIN Posts: 26,155
11/22/13 5:52 P

Great job for digging deep and making it to the gym. emoticon

CHARLOTTE1947 SparkPoints: (44,675)
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11/22/13 5:29 P

Can you try working out at a different time of day? I hate working out when it's evening and dark out. Try early, early a.m. Or, buy some of the exercise DVDs that are out there for sale. Then you can get sweaty at home.

Remember . . . you're paying for that gym!

BERRY4 SparkPoints: (275,306)
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11/22/13 3:32 P

The only person who can get you there is YOU.

Usually, if I start the argument, I lose and don't do what I should do. So JUST DO IT!

GYPSYGOTH SparkPoints: (94,944)
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11/22/13 8:40 A

I made it, and I was proud of myself, but I overdid something with my right knee. Oh well!

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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11/22/13 8:22 A

I can't find the link at the moment but there was this great story in Runner's World about the two different mornings this guy had because he did/didn't go on a planned training run. The moral of the story was that even when initially you don't want to, work out because you will feel better by the end of it.

TINA8605 SparkPoints: (99,668)
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11/21/13 10:30 P

I love working out at the gym...sometimes its really hard to get there but once I do I watch other people. This gets me motivated. I like to work out on the back row....I find some cute guy to look at!! Or I see someone going a bit faster than me and try to beat them. Those keep me motivated!!

GYPSYGOTH SparkPoints: (94,944)
Fitness Minutes: (72,557)
Posts: 45,743
11/21/13 7:23 P

This article tells me I have zero valid excuses:


GYPSYGOTH SparkPoints: (94,944)
Fitness Minutes: (72,557)
Posts: 45,743
11/21/13 6:57 P

I had a mostly-rest day yesterday, so even though I am definitely going to go to the gym tomorrow, I should probably go tonight, too.

The cons: It's cold and dark and I have to walk there. And I don't wanna emoticon

The pros: There is a sauna! I could sauna after a little rowing machine and a little swimming, perhaps. And I would be proud of myself. And have a chance at burning off the frozen-yogurt-and-tequila-juice-cocktail (not at the same time) mini-binge that ruined my carbs and calories last night.

Can I get a cheerleader? Or a berater? emoticon emoticon

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