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5/21/13 9:25 A

thank you so very much!

5/21/13 9:23 A

thankyou so very much for the reply!
I did snack on fruits today, just waiting to finish logging!

Just have two more lindors left, Iam not a fan of dark chocolates, but Iam going to invest in them soon! :)

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5/19/13 2:09 P

I'm guessing that when you look up "oatmeal," it gives the value for 1/2 cup but you want to know the values by weight instead of volume? (That's a good thing to want; 40 grams is a much more reliable measurement.) Oatmeal is another word for rolled oats. If you look up "oats," you should get grams as an option for the amount. They don't add or take away anything when they turn oats into oatmeal, so 40g will have the same nutritional value whether they're called oats or oatmeal.

As for your carb counts, I agree that 55% of calories from carbs is close enough to 50% that you don't need to worry. You're still inside the range of what is considered "healthy." But if you really want to decrease your carb intake, I would recommend snacking on fruit or vegetables instead of another serving of cereal/oats. It doesn't look as if you eat enough vegetables, so think about having carrots, cucumber, radishes, or whatever raw vegetables are available now where you are, maybe with some hummus or a dip made of whole-milk yogurt or tahini and spices (you need a little fat to help you absorb the vitamins from the vegetables.) The grains that you are eating are healthy whole grains, but generally you don't need multiple servings of the same food in the same day. Also, if you're eating American style cereal, it probably gets expensive, and I would guess that you can get very good vegetables for a lot less.

I'm NOT going to suggest that you give up chocolate. But you might want to see if you can find something that satisfies your chocolate craving with a smaller serving. Plain dark chocolate would have less sugar than the Lindt balls, so that would decrease your carb percentage a little. That's not a necessity, though. Certainly, if you got those chocolates as a gift or a special treat, go ahead and finish them, and then think about finding a lower-sugar/calorie chocolate when they're gone.

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5/19/13 11:24 A

5% over and one day isn't going to have any affect on you whatsoever. I use my food tracker and percentages to catch trends in my eating habits to improve my overall diet. It's just not necessary to fixate on a single day outside your usual box. If your carbs are consistently higher than recommended it may be time to anaylize your over all diet.

40g of dry oats is approximately 1/2 cup.

5/19/13 10:51 A

hello everyone!
I would appreciate if you could visit my food tracker and let me know few things!

1. My carbs are 50% allowed, but I consumed 55.5%. I cannot seem to make out, what to 'add' or 'subtract'.
2. I googled, and searched at SP, but I cannot seem to find out the exact value for 40g 'oatmeal'. I will appreciate if you could help me please!!
thank you so much.

PS- I have been MIA, but Iam back, so just logged on for today and yesterday.

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