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2/8/12 2:17 P

another bonus to barefoot or minimalist running shoes - you can pretty much wear them until they fall apart. No worries about the padding breaking down...there isn't any.

2/8/12 1:14 P

Since we purchased our Vibrams the number of styles has more than doubled so I can not make any recommendations. I am not even sure that the style name on mine is even the one in current use.

2/8/12 12:31 P

Thank you so much for the comments! This is really helpful. Are there any particular styles of the Vibrams that you prefer over their other designs?

2/8/12 12:19 P

April will mark our two year anniversary wearing and using Vibram Five Fingers for a variety of activities from running to hiking, to yoga to kayaking to strength training. The only thing we have found not a functional use for them is biking. The need to adapt to wearing them varies from individual, I am a barefoot type so I had virtually no getting used to time, the same with my partner. She does the sock thing with hers but I seldom wear socks so do not wear socks with mine. People bemoan the cost but in general they are cheaper than the over engineered and over padded shoes recommended by the people in running shoe stores.

Vibram Five Fingers get four thumbs up here.

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2/8/12 11:49 A

the socks are necessary if you live in colder climates and especially if your feet tend to be really cold.

I like running in them, but I can take it or leave it...but I REALLY love strength training in them. I can grip the floor, and I don't feel like I'm wearing wedge heels and tipping forward like in traditional shoes.

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2/8/12 11:13 A

I bought some minimalist Dr. Scholl's running shoes (they look like old-fashioned sneakers). I had been reading about barefoot running, and these were on the clearance shelf at DSW. I had a gift card, so I decided to try them. So far, I love them.

Running more on your toes really works the calves. The info I've read says to start out with short runs and build up distance. I was so excited about trying them out that I went for an hour run the first time. My calves were really tight for days!

I don't know that I'd go for the Vibram, but I do like the shoes that I bought. I'm a natural forefoot runner anyway. It's not been too much of an adjustment for me.

I did wear socks. I'm not sure about socks w/Vibrams. Those toe socks that were in fashion when I was a kid were hot. I can't imagine running in them.

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2/8/12 11:01 A

Yes. I walk regularly. I can do a 5k without problem if I don't try to break any speed records.

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2/8/12 10:52 A

First, a question: have you been walking a lot and can walk 30 minutes easily? I only ask this because trying to learn to run without having a good walking base is a good way to get shin splints and possibly do some serious damage to your knees, hips, and ankles. I've been there, the year of rehab was not fun. As for Vibrams versus any other shoe, minimalist or not, find a good running store in your area and the staff will help you analyze your stride and figure out the best type of shoe for you. Running is a lot of fun but hurting yourself the first time you try is no fun at all. Good luck!!

2/8/12 10:04 A

I've heard good reviews and bad reviews on these, and before I drop $80ish on them, I'd like to hear what other people think. I'm not going to be using them for strength training. I want to learn to run, and I am very motivated by the barefoot running movement. I can do it, and I want to get proficient at doing it. I'm wary of running barefoot on asphalt, though. I know where I live and I know how people treat the country roads.

What do you guys think about Vibram Five-Fingers? Good or bad? What styles do you recommend (personally I'm drawn to the Spring)? Some reviews say that they can vary intensely not just from style to style but from individual shoe to individual shoe, do you agree? What about the socks that go with them; necessary or gimmick? Has anyone tried the woolen ones? Do you prefer them to the originals?

Thanks for all your input!

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