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3/23/13 9:21 A

It is cells changes as like any other cancer type, men need to have themself checked just as women do for breast and uterus cancer. Men with family history should consider examination earlier than men over 50. Genetics, obesity, NUTRITION in general, medications,sexual transmitted diseases, veterans exposed to agent orange are other reasons that put men in the risk group..
Funny enough most of the men I meet whom suffer prostate cancer have never drink soft drinks or will if offered them..
We have to be better to inform our sons to accept they should be checked if there is irregular stuff happening with their water works.. Men also suffer from bladder infections from poor hygiene that can hurt kidney function. Especially if they have katethers or top katethers- hygiene is extremetly important. I also have men whom get a katether valve as are too old to have the scrape .. They don't get a urine pose as can get out of bed to open and close the valve ever 3rd hour without a bag to protect their bladder from overfilling when usual medications are not effective to help the process..

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3/23/13 7:45 A

WOW! Thanks for the tip off. Will be discussing with my DH today.

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3/23/13 7:02 A

Thanks for a little PCa awareness. It's nice to see an occasional unrelated piece of education tossed into the diet mix. My husband was diagnosed at 48 with fairly early stage of the disease.

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One soft drink a day increases prostate cancer risk. Men who drank one 300-milliliter can of a sugary soft drink (slightly less than 12-oz) a day were 40% more likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer versus men who never consumed soft drinks.

* Source: Study of more than 8,000 men by researchers at Lund University, Lund, Sweden, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

** Article was taken from Bottom Line/Personal newsletter, Volume 24, Number 7, April 1, 2013.

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