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3/24/13 9:20 P


With eating disorders, you have to chose the lesser of the two evils.

In therapy, my T. made a list of all of my behaviors and we started tackling them from the most severe to the least. For me, chewing gum and drinking diet coke are on the bottom of the list. So, I still use them as coping strategies.

If drinking diet coke is not a behavior that you have done before then it would not be a good idea to think about starting to use it. Dinking diet coke is seen as a behavior in the ed world because it has caffeine (causes insomnia and people use the extra hours to exercise etc..)

Overall, I think looking into finding better ways to cope that don't involve stimulants is the better option.


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3/24/13 8:29 P

SP has some great tips for staving off evening binges:

The first thing to do is identify WHY you're wanting to eat. Are you upset? Bored? Tired? Truly hungry?

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3/24/13 7:29 P

Thanks for all the little tips and tricks. I know that a lot of people say diet soda is reeeeally bad for you, but I normally don't drink diet soda at all, and therefor I think it might be a "good" solution for me to stop these kind of attacks...^^
If I'm binging I normally don't eat sweets/candy.. I'm more the salty person: Chips, Peanut Butter, Cheez Its etc.

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3/24/13 4:44 P

I too struggle with binge eating caused by stress =/It can get really bad for me and it's usually thousands of calories in chocolate and peanut butter... I bought some diet cream soda which seems to help with my sweet tooth sometimes but im not sure if it's triggering more cravings or not. I just don't know what to do when the urge comes on. It's mostly late at night, so I'm not going to take a walk or anything like that. I guess I could just go to bed but it's easier said than done. Any suggestions for us??

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3/24/13 4:01 P

If it's working for you, that's fine. :) There's really no evidence that occasional sodas are going to hurt you, even those evil ones with the artificial sweetener. ;) If it helps you avoid a major binge, it's fine!

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3/24/13 3:07 P

I suppose if you look at it as choosing the lesser of two evils, drinking diet soda is probably going to be "healthier" compared to binge-eating thousands of calories. Still, like the other poster suggested, diet soda really isn't that great for you and you may get addicted to that as well. I agree that you should look into other coping strategies. I personally found that taking a hot shower or bubble bath always helps my stress levels go down and helps me resist the urge to binge. Do you exercise much? When I exercise hard I feel so much better and don't feel the need to binge, maybe that could help with you?

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3/24/13 2:06 P

Binge eating is a hard issue to deal with and it's good that you are finding ways to address it. I would try and avoid diet soda, though. It's unhealthy (despite because calorie free) and it only going to fuel or create an addiction to sugary tastes, leading to bingeing on caloric sweets. Try soda water if you need a fizzy drink. Or look for other behavioural coping strategies, like going for a walk/run.

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3/24/13 2:03 P

I had a pretty tough past few days, and was binge eating caused by stress all the time...

I'm feeling a little bit better now, and I said I want to go back on track. I figured out that I can stop/control my binges if I drink Diet-Soda instead... I normally don't drink diet soda at all, but this time it really seems to help me.

I heard a lot of bad things about Diet Soda, and therefore I'm worrying if that's a good "replacement" instead of eating thousands of calories... What do you think??

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