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5/13/13 2:04 P

Thanks for all the ideas guys! DIETITIANBECKY - You're totally right about the smoking, it's causing him enough stress and he tells me that he's just going to deal with one thing at a time. So I'm trying not to push him on the soda right now (even though I worry like crazy!)

RUSSELL_39 - My fiance also started ramping up his soda consumtion in his mid 20's (He's 26 now) and he drinks about 1-2 liters per day of soda and he loves sugary juices as well but oddly he rarely has any sweets other than beverages.

I know that he's got to be the one to start the change and I'm trying not to be too hard on him. He's just so stubborn! Lol. All I can do right now is be supportive of him and gently help him go in the right direction.

ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
5/13/13 11:43 A

I agree that he has to want to do it.

My son loves orange soda. Yesterday at the store I got him some sugar free orange kool-aid and he really likes it.

He may be addicted to sugar. I know it's not anything to laugh at.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
5/13/13 11:03 A

It took me forever to drop pop. I was diagnosed as a diabetic, and told of all the dangers, but I drank a 2-liter of Pepsi for years afterwards.

I found that if I ate sugary foods, then I would drink sugary drinks. In the end I cut out most sugars, including pop.. cold turkey on the pop, after reducing the sugars. You may want to start by cutting the sugary sauces, like dressing, and ketchup, then sweets. Finally maybe switch him over to sweet tea, and reduce sugar as time goes on. Eventually he will just need to wean himself off the pop.

Another thing is how much he is drinking? I noticed that my drinking of sugared beverages doubled in my mid 20's, and a few years after that was diagnosed diabetic. I craved sugar, and was also thirsty, so it just kept building. It may be a good idea to get tested, and hopefully he can cut out this bad habit, or reduce it enough so he can avoid it, if he doesn't have it already.

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5/13/13 7:38 A

If he drinks coffee or tea with sugar, you can start substituting with stevia - a natural sweetener.

5/13/13 7:21 A

There are also the little packets (artificially sweetened) one can use to flavor water.
I have also seen success with folks who do the half regular pop + half diet...and then progress more slowly to all diet.

And as others have mentioned....he has to be the one who wants to change, you can not change for him.

I think you also mentioned that he is in the stage of stopping smoking...this is enough change for present time. If he is actively stopping, he is already in a state of great stress. Just be supportive of one positive change at a time.


5/12/13 8:56 P

DIETITIANBECKY - He refuses to drink anything "Diet"! :( ... He does like vitamin water though so I think I'll start buying more of it to have on hand as a soda alternative.

5/12/13 7:51 P

How does he feel about diet soda pop. Is there a flavor/type that would satisfy??

SP Dietitian Becky

5/12/13 7:43 P

Good advice LOVEMOUSE82. He does get really defensive when I try to preach to him. Lol. I'll try to be more mindful of my wording and see if it helps. emoticon I hope both our guys come around!

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5/12/13 6:47 P

I have the same husband drinks an insane amount of dr pepper AND he smokes. It is very frustrating but I have adopted a "worry about me" attitude which seems selfish but I have actually noticed that he seems to take notice of the new health information I give him even if he doesn't apply it to himself yet. For example, I ran about 5 miles this weekend, and earlier he offered me a soda, and I said no thanks the sugar makes my legs cramp, and he was surprised and was like, wow I didn't know that, and I told him that too much sugar is dehydrating and it's hard to run with that in your body. He actually seemed a bit interested. It hasn't changed his behavior but maybe me being more health conscious at lease forces him to learn a little more....maybe eventually that will translate into him making better choices.

The trick is to be careful with how you word it. Notice I said, the sugar makes my legs cramp, NOT, OMG sugary soda I can't believe your drinking that you r going to die! make your comments focus on what you need or why you are or aren't eating or doing something, not a judgment on whether he is or isn't....I'll keep trying if you will :)

5/12/13 6:28 P

Yep, I figured as much. I just feel so desperate to help him and it's frustrating that he doesn't want my help.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,330
5/12/13 6:20 P

simply put he has to want to do it. anything that you say beforehand is just going to fall on deaf ears and/or cause a rift between the two of you. when he is ready, he can ask you for help because he already knows that you have been there before. the rest is just waiting.

5/12/13 6:02 P

Does anyone else have a loved one or friend who drinks A LOT of sugary soft drinks?!

My fiancé is super addicted to all kinds of sugary drinks. I worry about him every day since he guzzles down SO much sugar. Some people scoff at sugar addiction but he seriously behaves like an addict. He's in total denial about it and we argue whenever I bring it up. I want him to get healthy but between this and smoking (which he is at least trying to stop) I'm at my wits end!!


I've recently been diagnosed as pre-diabetic (I also indulged in too much sugar in the past.) I know what it's like to be a slave to sugar. For me it was easy to just stop drinking soda and I gave up all refined sugar.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks for kicking the habit? I think my fiancé would do better if there were some alternative options for him.

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