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4/28/13 6:19 A

That was the best advice I have read - emoticon

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4/28/13 4:19 A

Honestly I think you're just stressed overall about the wedding and starting to focus on little things that don't really matter! I'm not married, so it's hard to truly put myself in your shows but I've seen enough wedding shows to know that planning a wedding can be stressful lol. With so little time left, I suggest you focus on clean eating, drinking plenty of water, avoid carbonated drinks and high sodium foods that will leave you bloated. Try to avoid over indulging or emotional eating and instead feed your cravings with healthier and nutritious options.
I read an article a few months ago about a new trend that brides are doing on their wedding day to get rid of nerves and stress, which is to do a bonding exercise or activity the morning of their wedding with their bridal party. It's fun and helps keep a bride stress free on their wedding day! Try taking a page from that book and do an activity with your groom or bridal party or both! Take a fun exercise class you've always wanted to try or even a regular yoga or Pilates class, that way you're getting some exercise in but you're not suffering alone and maybe you get in a few laughs with friends because they are too uncoordinated for Zumba. Overall just focus on being happy and making sure you're prepared enough for the wedding. Honestly, guests always remember what a fun and pretty wedding/reception you had, not what your body looked like the day of your wedding!

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4/28/13 1:38 A

Forget about your weight and concentrate on getting enough rest and eating fruits and vegetables so your hair and skin will look their best. With only 5 weeks left, you could only expect to lose 5-10 pounds, and that's not enough to make a visible difference. But starving yourself or over-exercising WILL make a visible difference in the wrong way-- it will make you look sick and pale and tired, and will very likely cause your skin to break out.

If you haven't done so yet, go to a specialty underwear shop and get fitted for foundation garments. The right "magic underwear" can make you look 15 pounds thinner and smooth out all the little bumps and bulges. That's how models and celebrities look so good in designer dresses-- even girls who are size zero wear "shapers." Any wedding dress shop can tell you what lingerie shop does the best fittings.

But really, the most important thing is to relax and get some sleep. Make plans for healthy changes you can make *after* the wedding, but accept that it's too late to start a pre-wedding diet now.

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4/27/13 9:52 P


I think everyone here has offered some really good advice.

My advice is to love yourself, be kind to yourself, and above all know that you are a wonderful person

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4/27/13 8:54 P

Take a moment and allow yourself your cry. You need to love yourself enough to be the wonderful woman your fiance chose as his bride to be. Relax and don't stress yourself out so much that neither you nor anyone else can enjoy this precious time of preparations for your wedding. You are beautiful now and surely will be beautiful in 5 weeks unless you stress yourself into a crazy frenzy.

4/27/13 7:13 P

Weight lose should never be a race.
You will be a beautiful bride on your wedding day.
If your dress does not fit exactly as you like, can you take it for alterations?

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4/27/13 4:04 P

Don't change anything right now.

You're too close now to your wedding date. What if you lost weight and the dress didn't fit? Do you know someone who could take it in that quickly?

I'm sure your partner is not marrying you because you're a size X. Especially if you're not yet. You are a lovely person with whom they want to share the rest of your life together. That is what matters.

Not what size you were in your wedding photos.

Don't set yourself up for a false photo - a wedding record of you at a weight you never were before and may never be again. Just be you - wonderful, lovely, precious you that is so wonderful already that you have someone wanting to marry you! :)

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4/27/13 3:05 P

I need advice here. I need encouragement. I get married in 5 weeks and the inner self conscious person is coming out again. I need to lose weight but I cannot I just give in to my temptations. I am so tired I am about to cry please someone help me.

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