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4/8/14 5:49 P

emoticon Glad ur back.
I've never done the "Spark" diet as that doesn't work for me as I have to do a low carb diet like Atkins and I know that, so I use Sparks for what WORKS FOR ME. Make it that way for you, if you want. Just don't quit.

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4/8/14 4:25 P


When you click on "my trackers-- nutrition" or "track food," you should have a set calorie range at the bottom, figured out by Spark based on what you've told them.

If you tell your nutrition tracker to "talk" to your fitness one, you can "earn" more calories to eat by doing extra exercise.

There are certainly a lot of options, but maybe start out by just using the food tracker and trying to get 10 minutes of exercise a day. You should be in the "FastBreak" stage if you're just starting out again...

You can use the bottom of your "Start" page sort of like Pinterest and click on things that interest you...

Enjoy the new features when you get the time to explore them!

MRSROLLO Posts: 26
4/8/14 3:38 P

I'm coming back to Spark after a 2 year hiatus. I'm so glad I decided to check it out again and it's gotten much better!! I feel very overwhelmed by all the different ideas floating around out there. If you have any advice to reel me in, I would greatly welcome it!! I'm very confused by diet and exercise both. How many calories should I consume? Is it food quality and listening to your body that is better then counting calories? I feel that could get me into trouble fast! What workouts will work for someone trying to lose 50 lbs? Cardio? Weights? Anyone else having trouble with doubts and feel overwhelmed? Thanks for any imput!

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