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12/12/12 12:04 A

I am really pleased to hear this. Let us know how you get on!

Kris xx

12/11/12 11:13 P

I am confused by my body fat percentage as well what I said is probably not accurate then. Going to see my doctor tomorrow! thanks for the help everyone :)

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12/11/12 8:15 A


While I cannot speculate that you may be suffering from disordered eating, if you truly have 11% body fat (most women find it VERY difficult to get to such a low percentage without going to extreme measures) your health could be greatly affected by this. Women need body fat. It is was drives our hormones so that we continue to have menses.

Does your college offer health counseling services? You may want to check and see. Remember the number on the scale is just that--a number. It cannot and will not ever measure your health, wellness and self-worth. Remember too that one cannot build muscle with calorie restriction and excessive exercise. It must be a fine balance--moderation. Anything in extremes whether too much or too little can affect our health.

Coach Nancy

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12/11/12 8:08 A


There's no way to target fat loss to a specific area of the body. Since your goal is to lose inches, I'd focus more on strength training and cut back your cardio to a minimal amount. Also, I think Slimmerkiwi brings up some good points. What have you used to measure your body fat at 11%? 11% is really too low for a female, so if that's accurate, your doctor should probably have concerns about it.

Here's a good series of articles I'd also encourage you to read:

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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12/11/12 5:50 A

SLIMMERKIWI - Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it :) Just to address some of your concerns, I never thought of myself as having an eating disorder. I never starve myself or purge after a meal or even deprive myself of treats. I do tend to binge during high-stress situations but like I said, that's mostly because of school.
As for my mother, I don't mind her telling me to eat more. I love food and I can (and DO) snack all day the problem is that she brings chips/candy/pop/cakes home which I am fond of but am trying to restrict because we can all agree that stuff nothing for our bodies.
As for my weight, I did get a physical over the summer after dropping to about 94lbs and even at that weight my doctor said I am perfectly healthy and in great shape. And then I went back to 100lbs because I was strength training and building muscle. For a person as short as me (5'1/155cm) I personally think 100lbs is a good weight. Also my primary goal now is not to lose weight but to lose some inches around my waist. The problem is I don't know how besides losing more weight...

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12/11/12 5:29 A

RUBBERTEE - I am a wee bit concerned about your take on what is healthy. Yes, ditching the sodium and processed sugar is good, and it is admirable that you are wanting your mother to eat more healthily, especially given that she has some health issues, According to my working's out, you were already a healthy weight at the 115lb, and the 100lb puts you at the very low end of the healthy range. BMI is not the bee all and end all - it is only a guide. I kinda get the feeling that there may be a littl bit more to this, tho'. I am wondering if there is an unidentified eating disorder at play here. You say that your mother and sister want you to eat more and to gain some weight. I don't think it is because of jealousy that you are 'thin'. You metnion that you are wanting to reduce, and your body is already at 11% body fat. I REALLY think that you should be speaking with your Dr about what you are wanting to do and why! It sounds to me like you have a form of body dysmorphia where we see faults in our body that just aren't there. In response to your question "Should I lose more weight?" ......... the answer is a resounding "NO!!!" I would go so far as to suggest that you gain some, but PLEASE, whatever you do, PLEASE talk with your Dr!!

Best wishes for a healthy outcome,

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12/11/12 2:01 A

There have been some studies that indicate that regularly eating healthy fats can help get rid of belly fat. I know mine seemed to shrink when I started eating lots of nuts, avocados, and cooking in olive oil. I shrunk all over, but had more belly fat to lose than all-over fat at the time.

If you don't already incorporate good fats into your diet, maybe you could give it a try.

12/11/12 12:51 A

Weight loss is hard. Sure you can take it slow, but losing those pounds requires real dedication. I worked my ass off to lose 15lbs over a few months, I'm 21, 5'1ish and used to weigh115lbs. I weighed 100lbs by September even though I wanted to weight less than that. I know it may not sound like a lot but when you're in a "healthy range" it's hard getting those pounds off!

Anyway the last few months have just been....awful. I always experience so many feelings when I get off track yet I never learn my lesson. Once I started school again I started eating like a pig. I already know I am an emotional eater, I know I am going to pig out when I have a huge exam coming up and I can't help it. The only good thing about my new lifestyle is that I absolutely love working out so I don't have an issue with motivating myself to the gym, but with school it's like the days are cut in half and when you have a 50% paper due you can't possibly feel good about going to the gym, because you can just work out as soon as you're done that paper right? Ugh I hate skipping days at the gym because of school but it can't be helped.

On top of everything I beg my mom and sister to not bring junk food into the house and if they do to keep it away from me, and they NEVER listen. My mom is crazy and thinks that just because I work out I should be eating everything in sight, she has no concept of fitness and healthy living whatsoever. She has major health issues herself and I tell her to reduce sodium in her food and eat less sugar but she never listens. Besides that I am fairly certain my sister hates me being thin at all and wants me to gain weight so I can be heavier than her, like I used to.

I guess I am just frustrated because I had amazing willpower when I didn't have to deal with school but I have major issues motivating myself to study. School is hard and makes me sad because I don't like the people in my program, so I just turn to food which is really bad. I feel like my hard work's all gone to waste because I gained a few pounds and I can't seem to go back down to 100.

Another reason why I keep giving up is that even though I'm "thin" I'm still what people call "skinny fat". I am okay with how I look except for the disgusting overhang around my midsection. I know there's no way to spot reduce but I am already at 11% body fat and I do tons of strength training and nothing's helping... I don't get it. What am I missing here? Should I lose more weight..?

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