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9/5/12 3:59 P

Great work logging your food! I found if I'm honest and enter everything in my nutrition tracker I'm more willing to eat healthy. After all, no one wants to see binges recorded! :-)

If you have a smartphone, look for the SparkPeople free app which can help you when you're on-the-go. I know they have one on iTunes for the iPhone, but I haven't checked for other phones (my mobile phone is practically an antique, so I don't use an app).

Welcome to the site, and best wishes!

9/5/12 3:34 P

Wow. You are doing a great job. One of the challenges with the website is sometimes the amount of time it takes, which sounds like what you are worrying about. Sometimes you just have to have an abbreviated check-in. You can put foods that you commonly eat together into groupings. This especially works well for breakfasts for me. Sometimes I also concentrate most on tracking exercise minutes to keep me going, or quick tracking water and vegetables. The most important thing is not to get down on yourself for what you can't do, and stay positive about what you are doing. If you feel like emphasizing the calorie counting is A-1 important for you, than give that A-1 priority. If communicating with members on a certain Sparkteam that is reaching goals similar to yours give you the most help, then do that.Work on other things when you have time. That way you will stay connected.

This is a great tool with a great sense of community. Good luck on reaching your goals and thank you for sharing your experiences.

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9/5/12 2:02 P

Well its day 3 for me here and i really love this site, I think the trackers are awesome and geee i never thought how many calories you really eat in a day..that amazes me and its kinda scary too.
Walked 6 laps at the Y today and swam for almost an hour..yeah me. The other thing is i really feel good about what i am doing.. i just hope i can keep it up when i go back to work.

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