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9/21/13 8:17 A

They're caused by both metabolic adaptation and compliance rate.

BELLYDOG Posts: 2,466
9/21/13 2:23 A

Personal opinion is I believe in weight loss plateaus. Just like when my weight was climbing up the scale it would stagnate at a certain point for months and then suddenly jump several pounds. Sometimes the plateaus actually crumble when you up the number of calories that you are eating. Maybe you weren't getting quite enough calories to support the amount of activity that you were doing, or what ever. Of, course, every body is different. You may not hit any plateaus, some bodies are lucky that way. But certainly if you hit a plateau, first thing to check is the honesty factor.
Keep in mind that we are trying to do a lifestyle change here. Don't give up if the scale starts to stagnate. Learn to rejoice over non scale victories too, like how much more energy you have. Or how much better you sleep. Or you've stpped snoring. Or you don't need as amny medications as you did when you started. Or you hair, skin and nails look better now that you are getting the proper amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Or how much better you joints feel when you walk or exercise. Good luck!

GENOCIDE3838 Posts: 61
9/21/13 1:44 A

I started keeping track of how much I am eating a little over a month ago. I even went out and bought a food scale to measure everything.

I was 206 at that time, fluctuating quite a bit.

When waking up today I was at 182.

I need to invest in some barbells for weight training, but I just hope the weight continues to come off at the steady rate it's been coming off (I know some of it was water weight).

I walk 5 miles/day, along with couch to 5k 3x per week.

I try to eat around 1600 calories per day. I stopped directly monitoring every calorie as I feel I've developed a good sense on how much I should eat, and I haven't gained anything so I guess it's working.

I don't limit what foods I eat either, I eat whatever I want, just a lot less. I plan to start eating more vegetables/protein as well, but I don't see a point in cutting out my favorite foods if I can eat less of them and not worry about adding excess weight.

Which leads me to one thing, do you believe weight loss plateaus aren't a real "thing"? And are just caused by error on behalf of the person more of the time?

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