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9/30/12 4:21 A

emoticon What a transformation. Great job!!

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Dont know if you guys remember me, but I used to weigh 319 on Jan 27th and decided it was time to get serious and lose weigh! My goal went from 300 to 250 to 219 to 200 to 180.
I reached the final goal July 8th, so how am I doing almost 3 months later?
Well, I haven't maintained 180, cause today my weight is 172.

I still exercise, everyday. In fact due to the weather getting much nicer, ive been getting faster! I run (with a little walking) 3.5 miles in 40 minutes! My old best time was 46 minutes which I set in june and stayed at the rest of the summer.

What do I eat now?
Well breakfast, ive lately been having a bowl of apple cinnamon cheerios with a banana, and a granola bar.

Lunch: Whole wheat bread, light turkey breast with mustard, lettuce, tomato. And a chobani.

Dinner: I let myself have up to 4.0 oz of chicken, pork chops, meat loaf and stuff with vegetables and unsweetened apple sauce.

Also in between meals I will snack on grapes, have an apple.

BUT! I do treat myself, usually midweek and a weekend day, ill usually do a hoagie (10 inch or footlong) for wednesday and weekend ill go to a restaraunt or have a pizza (sharing of course)

Now eating some things after not having them after 6 months or so tasted great, but one thing I have still maintained is I have yet to drink ANYTHING else but water! (well fat free milk in my cereal)

Also, I went from XXL to Medium (actually I just for a football jersey in small and it looks good on me) and from size 46 to 32.

Oh yea here is a pic of me before and now

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