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2/8/12 11:08 A

Weightless and light weights are good for practicing proper techniques and educating your muscles. Once that is done though, one needs to start increasing the weight to really do any good. But don't increase too fast and lose your proper technique or hurt yourself. Do it right, and do it with enough weights to tax your muscles. Pretty simple.

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2/4/12 3:43 P


Excellent question, and I am so glad someone else was just as confused. I am going to move to the heavier weights that will tax my muscles I think that was the part I was not understanding.

Thanks all!! emoticon

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2/4/12 3:36 P

Everything "works".

This is why it's so frustrating when someone says "well bootcamp was enough for me, I got good muscles from it" or "I built strong leg muscles cycling, so you don't need to do lower body strength training".

Virtually anything you do will HELP.

But some things help more than others.

A quality strength training plan of heavy weights and slow movements will provide the *best* results. Other plans do provide *some* results. But that doesn't mean they're better in any way.

If you hate "doing it the right way" for some reason, then doing it that way is always better than simply not doing it! :) Everything "works" ... in degrees.

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2/4/12 3:22 P

Thanks for this tip. I prefer doing cardio but I think you're right. I only seem to be burning calories and not fat. I am going to start doing more strength training.

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1/30/12 8:27 P

Thanks for all the info, it really helps.

1/30/12 12:16 P

Using lighter weight to build lean muscle is a myth, all muscle tissue is lean, Look at a steak, the red part is muscle and the white part is fat, two separate forms of tissue. Proper nutrition reduces body fat not any specific form of exercise. To increase muscularity and muscle function which will increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR) you need to use challenging weights and a limited number of repetitions. High repetition work with less challenging weights only builds endurance.

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1/30/12 9:40 A

If you find that you can do a complete set and then continue, you need heavier weights. I get my strength training doing circuits---and I started out using 5lbs and have had to increase to 10lbs, 12lbs and 15lbs depending on the exercise. As you get stronger, it becomes easier to do a set, and you must increase poundage if you want to see steady results.

Good luck!!

1/30/12 9:27 A

I'm still at using 5 pound weights for bootcamp workouts, I think it has to be a struggle. However when I'm doing regular strength training I use lighter weights to build lean mussle. Overtime I'm sure this weight amount will increase

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1/30/12 9:10 A

You'll want to use a weight that's heavy enough to fatigue your muscles by the end of the set. I've been using heavier weights for the bootcamp DVD and it gives me a good strength workout b/c that weight is challenging for me.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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1/30/12 8:16 A

You lift many things heavier than 5 lbs during the day. So if you strength train using those weights, you're causing your muscles zero stimulus to grow.

See my Spark page for blogs where I review the 28 day bootcamp from the perspective of someone who has used heavy weights for a long time and had to drop to using little 10 pounders for the wasn't fun.

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1/30/12 7:57 A

Sure you'll see results doing the Boot Camp. But, you'll build more muscle using heavier weights for less reps.

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1/30/12 7:41 A

I keep hearing use heavy weights for best results but let's say I do the 28 day boot camp or 30 day shred with 5lbs. You mean to tell me I will not see results? That is what I am confused on.

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