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2/13/13 1:12 P

Dr Oz did a show the other day that you might think you are eating Olive Oil, but instead it is a different oil that could hurt you. For me, I just can't worry about it. Think about it. You can't eat fruits and veggies because they have chemicals on them. A chicken is full grown in a month because of the steriods. You would drive yourself crazy worrying about it.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/13/13 11:54 A

I have gone back to "cooking" (with whole ingredients - meat, veg, eggs, grains, dairy, cheese) as opposed to "assembling" (with packets, boxes and cans).

Not only is my food a LOT healthier, it just TASTES so much better.

Most prepackaged/pre-processed foods are of poor quality, and cover up their poor quality with the addition of sugar (high fructose corn syrup), fat and salt. And we tend to pay lots, lots more for the "privilege" of eating these convenient foods.

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2/13/13 11:52 A

It gets so crazy huh? That's the issue with the "information age" we live in... TOO MUCH INFORMATION! :) Shopping around the perimeter of the store is a good idea. Also, just compare labels. The other day I wanted to buy some granola (yes you can make it yourself but I was short on time). I looked at about 4 different brands and their ingredients lists. I ended up picking an organic one that had a list of ingredients that I could pronounce... plus it ended up being the cheapest because of a sale!

I will also say that nobody is 100% perfect, even though when you ready healthy living/food blogs, sometimes the authors make themselves sound like they "do it all". We're all busy and most of us don't have time/money/resources to make every last thing from scratch, grow gardens, etc. So, we do still rely on some processed things (like my granola) from time to time. Just try to make that processed item the best that's available.

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2/13/13 11:21 A

Lots of great suggestions.
Whether fresh or frozen, as little processing as possible seems to be the key.

If there's a pile of ingredients you can't pronounce or identify, it probably isn't the wisest choice

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2/13/13 10:27 A

Hi Allyson

I think it's good to be an informed consumer, but at some point, you can start to drive yourself crazy with all of the information out there. I like the advice to shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Don't feel like you have to be perfect, but there's nothing wrong with reading labels and trying to cut as much processed food out of your diet as you feel comfortable doing.

Coach Jen

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2/13/13 10:16 A

I think eating as close to natural as you can afford is healthy.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/13/13 10:13 A

I agree sticking with the outer boarder of the store. For frozen, it depends on what you are getting. I buy frozen fruit and just make sure that there are no additives.
Also buy in season fruits and veggies. You can freeze them yourself. I will do this a lot in the summer when the fruit and veggies are at peak. That way during the winter I still have yummy fresh fruit and don't have to spend a lot.
As for meat (I am vegan, but just changed over), I used to buy 100% green fed. Make sure to ask the question though. Whole foods only has one little area that is considered 100%. They may have things listed as grass fed beef or chicken, but the last few weeks of the animals life the farmer may feed them grains. These grains cause the fat in the meat and are also full of the stuff you don't want.
I have a few places on line that i will buy my meat from, but my farmers market has some as well that I trust.
I don't buy any processed or boxed foods, I don't use refined sugar or flour. I don't do whole grains or dairy. But those are my choices and work well for me.

You need to really find what works for you.

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2/13/13 9:04 A

Eat the outside shelves of the grocery story, pretty much. You pantry will begin to shrink drastically. Fresh produce, fresh meats - nothing frozen or boxed. Frozen is loaded with sodium to preserve it, boxed is processed food - lots of preservatives and ingredients you cannot pronounce. If you can't pronounce it, assume your body can't properly digest it and it is not good for you.

Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Earth Fare - buy what you can in these stores, they'll offer the most "natural" and organic foods that you are looking for.

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2/13/13 8:42 A

I've been reading all of these articles about how food industries deceive consumers. I realize now that there are MANY ingredients that are hidden under aliases that I should definitely be avoiding. The more I read though the more I realize my options are drastically cut. I've come to terms with this, although now I'm concerned about what is okay to eat. I suppose I am asking for advice about eating completely naturally, scholarly website about HOW to go about avoiding the wrong ingredients, or lists of things that are "clean eating"! THANK YOU!!


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