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6/16/14 1:37 P


I went by Fleet Feet today to have them check out my shoes. I have Mizunos that I got a while back but have never really used. He said they are in good condition and would be fine for me. Said they (Fleet Feet) would probably fit me next time for a more neutral shoe though. These have more stability. So, I'll go back in a few months. They were super nice.

My legs are already not as sore as they were this morning. Woohoo :D

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6/16/14 11:00 A

CAROLINAGIRL69 - Yoga for runners is great. Modified pigeon has helped pretty much cure my hip pain. Downward dog helps stretch hamstrings and feet which are trouble spots of mine. I also like light cardio, heat and a bit of massage to help the achy bits.

Good shoes also help, if you find that you have any recurring issues. (I have an old knee injury - stability shoes help, though I still have stiffness. I also had to get a shoe with a bigger toe box and go up half a size to cure toe nail issues, but I never had those until I ran over 5 miles).

And yes, it gets easier. emoticon

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6/16/14 10:12 A


I found a Yoga Poses for Runners article/routine here on SP. I will be doing this daily!

Will also make a point to get up from my desk every 30 minutes and walk around.

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What you're experiencing is not unusual. It's DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). This is usually associated with strength training, but a person can get it after changing their cardio routine too.

What to do ? Do some light cardiovascular exercise today. Take a walk. ride a bike. Yoga helps a lot, but try to avoid power or bikram. Hatha if possible. A little light cardiovascular exercise to get the blood circulating will help relieve some of the post workout ache you're feeling.

With time, your body will adapt to the new routine and you'll feel a lot less achy.

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6/16/14 9:42 A

Yesterday was my 1st day.

It gets easier, right?


My quads are so sore today. I made sure I stretched well yesterday and even did some stretches this morning.

My arms were even sore! I wasn't expecting that (especially since I've been using dumbbells for 8+ weeks) but they feel better now.

But, I did it. (Well, I skipped the last run interval because really, this was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be!!)

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