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Nothing wrong with an evening snack. I usually eat a large dill pickle. It's crunchy and I can make it last a long time. Other favorites include sliced up cucumbers and carrots with 1 Tb of ranch dressing. You would be amazed how far the dressing goes by just getting a little bit on each piece. Another good one when I have time and am watching a movie is air-popped popcorn with Pam type spray and some salt. You can eat a good amount of popcorn for not a lot of calories as long as you aren't using that nasty microwave bag that has trans fats in it. 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels makes a huge bowl that I share with my hubby. Also try drinking some hot herbal tea in the evening, I feel like that helps with any snacking cravings I have.

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8/6/13 7:01 P

Maybe plan on snacking on raw veggies or something else that is low in calories. I tend to be a snacker too and since veggies are so low in calories I can eat and eat and eat and get sick of eating before I have pushed the limit of my calorie range. In my own struggles I have found it is really hard to change mental behaviors surrounding eating and easier for me to just substitute healthier foods than stop the behavior.

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I always (or almost always) leave room for an evening snack in my nutrition plan, because I enjoy sitting with a cup of tea and a snack after the kids are in bed and I'm hanging out with my husband. I suppose I could break the habit if I really wanted to, but I don't see a reason to. I just plan a specific snack, usually in the 100-200 calorie range.

Obviously, you can't just sit with a full bag of Doritos or a box of chocolate chip cookies and go to town, but can you save some of your calories and set yourself an evening snack that fits your range?

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How much time is between dinner and when you go to bed? For me, I usually have another mini meal in the evening because between dinner and bedtime is too long for me to go without eating. I eat a lot of small meals so if I eat dinner at 5, around 8 I have a snack.

Maybe try lower calories snacks in the evening The microwave popcorn I buy has about 15 calories per cup. There is a recipe on sparks for popcorn with chili powder and parmesan cheese that good. Maybe freeze some grapes to munch on. Or sip on some hot tea while you are relaxing and having your snack.

Could you plan for a small snack in the evening, so you don't feel like you are being deprived?

If you aren't tracking, it might be helpful to track. Then you could see what you are eating and if you are getting the right amounts of protein, fats, carbs. You may not be eating as much as you think during the day, which could cause you to be hungry in the evening.

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8/6/13 5:03 P

I think I am eating enough during the day. It's just a hard habit to break. I'm only in week 1 so I know most of it is probably mental at this point. I'm eating plenty to feel full but by the time my kids go to bed I still want to snack. And the more I deny myself the snack the more that's all I can think about!

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8/6/13 4:57 P

Are you eating enough throughout the rest of the day? If you are getting enough calories and your body doesn't actually need the snack calories, you could try drinking peppermint herbal tea (decaf, in particular) whenever you feel the urge to snack at night.

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8/6/13 4:55 P

My snacking consists of passing the kitchen! Working from home it seems very easy to just pick up something quick or just while passing thru...

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8/6/13 4:49 P

I'm an evening snacker, too. I build evening snacks into my plan - usually with something that's quite a bit of food for the calories - 100 cals of popcorn, for instance, is quite a bit of food. A small apple and 1/2T of nut butter, fat free cottage cheese with fruit, greek yogurt with fruit, cereal (w/o milk for me), etc. are all things that I have tried with success.

Drinking a large glass of water, keeping your hands occupied (puzzles, knitting, etc) and doing some light exercise (walk, stretches) are other tactics, too.

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8/6/13 4:26 P

I manage to eat good meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Once my children go to bed. I am suddenly starving and all I want to do is eat. Even when I'm not hungry, I want to snack while my husband and I relax for the evening. I am positive that a good majority of my calories come from snacking at night but I'm at loss on how to fix it!

Can anyone help?

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