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NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
4/20/14 7:38 A

sometimes "great during the day" really means eating too little during the day and that means priming you to overeat at night. are you getting enough calories, fat, fiber and protein during the day?
also what are you reaching for at night? a lot of snack foods aren't really balanced, which in turn makes them easier to overeat. i mean, who can't finish a container of chips in a sitting, particularly if they were hungry in the first place? but if you realize that you really are hungry, putting down the snack food that's not going to fill you up and having a meal/mini-meal that will can help a lot. in other words, if you're eating from a family sized bag of doritos at night, you're probably going to eat at least half the bag and not really be full from it. but if you set the doritos down, sautee a cup or two of vegetables in a teaspoon or two of olive oil, add an egg or two to make a scramble or an omelet, even a wrap or english muffin that's going to be the same as one serving of chips, a little more if you add a bread product, but you're giving your body a balanced meal that it can actually spend time digesting. don't have a cookie, have stir fry. filling foods keep you full. and when you grab foods that don't fill you up and keep you, it becomes that much easier to overeat.
another option of why you're snacking is boredom or habit. in which case you need to find something else to do. doesn't matter what it is or how stupid and obvious that advice sounds. every solution to that issue falls under the category of do something instead of eating. craft, volunteer somewhere, clean, read, watch a movie, it's all do something else.

4/20/14 6:30 A

I gotta have something in the evening. That's just how I live. I have baked veggies instead of chips. Yogurt or sugar free pudding instead of ice cream. And lower my supper meal by having more veggies like eggplant pizza, spinach salad, etc. I try to start my morning with a powerful, protein & nutrient packed shake.

BETTERME8913 SparkPoints: (5,341)
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4/20/14 12:02 A

emoticon I've always had a problem with eating at night. I say I can't sleep on an empty stomach. I also feel crabby if I can't eat anything after a certain time. What I did that helped me, was change what I eat for an evening snack. Now I let myself have a 100 cal bag of popcorn or veggies with french onion yogurt dip or a cheese stick. Before it was another meal, buffalo chicken dip with a ton of chips, etc. If I need to have a snack at night now, it just must be something much lighter, this has helped me with weight loss. Find what works for you! emoticon

LUNAMEOWER SparkPoints: (1,840)
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4/19/14 11:40 P

Since I tend to eat more in the evening just because I have appetite issues in the morning, (I still eat breakfast, just small) I actually like starting my tracker at say 8:00 at night and do the 24 hours from there. This way you can adjust your early day to what you've eaten the night before, as long as you are on a twenty four hour loop maybe you can adjust what you eat and when.

DEB_NC SparkPoints: (29,191)
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4/18/14 8:16 A

I also am a night time snacker. I have not been able to beat this. So, this is what I did instead. I extended my suppertime by eating an hour later. I also allow save 100-200 calories, just in case, I have to have a nighttime snack. Eating supper a little later, has really helped the most, with this. I don't do that nighttime snacking, near as much as I used to.

4/18/14 12:52 A

I think sleep patterns really matter too. Some people snack at night because they are up really late or wake up in the middle of the night. Do you get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night?

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (253,718)
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4/18/14 12:34 A

Unfortunately, we can't really help you until we know the calories you consume; what fats/carbs/protein you consume, and what your recommended calorie range is. Also, what exercise you do because that can impact on snacking, too.

Also, do you skip meals or eat very little for a meal, earlier in the day, or is you night-time snacking a long time after eating your dinner? I ALWAYS have a snack before bed, but then I generally eat my dinner 5hrs before going to bed.


EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/17/14 11:46 P

Are you eating enough calories during the day? My day is that I've hit my goal by dinner time by filling up during the day on whole foods.

I also don't keep junk food in the house...not there...can't eat it.

Some nights I just brush my teeth early (signalling to my brain that we are done) and go to bed a bit early.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,698
4/17/14 11:11 P

The solution depends on WHY you feel the need to snack at night!
But know that there is nothing wrong with having a little bite, if you plan it into your daily calories.

If you are starved, maybe you need to eat a larger dinner.
If you are bored, do something else.

LIZZYW3BOYS SparkPoints: (555)
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4/17/14 9:56 P

I would love some suggestions on alternative ways to stop snacking so much at night. I do great during the day eating, but then at night I cant seem to stop snacking so much. I blow my entire day by eating at night just before bed. emoticon

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