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10/7/12 8:49 A

Put berries on your cereal to increase your fiber intake by about 1 to 2 grams.

Believe it or not, popcorn can be a healthy snack for you and your children. Just don’t use too much butter or salt on this whole-grain treat.

Potatoes, red or sweet potatoes as opposed to peeling them off. Most of the fiber is in the skin, which will help the digestive tract and may prevent colon cancer. Eat potatoes in moderation. Red potatoes have less starch in them than white.

Rye Bread helps keep you feeling full because it digest slowly and of the way the sugars get absorbed into your blood. The sugars in rye flour are absorbed into your bloodstream much more slowly. Pure rye bread contains only rye flour, without any wheat. Toast it up!

The benefit of eating cereals like Oats is that they contain a huge proportion of their calorie profile in terms of insoluble fiber. Fiber not only gives you a feeling of satiation and thus keeps you from feeling hungry for a long time & which helps prevent fat storage \\Spinach, asparagus and broccoli have low calorie density so eating them makes most of their calories are burned off in the digestion process

Flaxseed helps curb hunger and is a source of protein and fiber.

Besides stabilizing the body sugar levels, flax expands five times in bulk when ingested. Ground flax seeds are easy to put on salads, yogurt and cereal. Many people take one pill in the morning and one in the evening to get their daily dose of flax seed

Flax taken half an hour before meals will help you eat less, so you will lose weight. It stabilizes blood sugar. Flax seeds are a good way to get omega-3 and -6 fatty acids into your diet. ...but it also contains alpha linolenic acids.

I have promoted flax seed all along. So the reason your eating less is because of the bulk in your digetive system.

Seasame Seeds High in fiber, protein, calcium and magnesium, which helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol and helps stabilize blood sugar levels. These little seeds also helps bone density. Add to veggies, salads, brown rice and noodles or make seasame seed chicken. Regularly enjoying sesame seeds may also lower blood pressure. Sesame lignans have been shown to favorably affect antihypertensive pathways, which could have profound implications for the millions of people battling hypertension. I put these on everything....

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10/6/12 6:54 P

Eating 2-3 servings of fruits or vegetables during every meal will definitely help you get 25g of fiber

10/6/12 4:52 P

I have Fiber One cereal for breakfast at work. I alternate varieties so I don't get bored and I get 10-15 g at breakfast. They also make muffin and pancake/waffle mixes. Lunch is a salad with lots of leafy green veg&beans, or a sandwich on an Arnold sandwich thin (5g) or Ole Extreme Wellness wrap/tortilla (12g). Snacks would include Fiber One brownies or bars, roasted chickpeas or edamame, hummus, or fruits and veg. I usually have my 25 g of fiber before 4 pm everyday. If dinner time rolls around and I still haven't reached my 25 g I might have a baked sweet potato, some eggplant, black beans or whole grain pasta/cous cous to make up the difference. I've recently discovered Chia seeds. One tablespoon of the Nutiva Organic white seeds has 60 calories, 5g fiber, 3g protein, and 2500mg of omega-3. They have no taste and when you put them in liquid they absorb and take on the flavor of the liquid as well as a Tapioca like texture. You can make a fiber filled Chia pudding with nothing but the seeds and some soy or almond milk. You can add some to just about any recipe for that extra boost of fiber. They can also be used as an egg or butter substitute. Happy Fiber-ing!

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10/6/12 10:56 A

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try mixing some of them into my meals and see how it works out.

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10/6/12 10:53 A

I like an apple with a lil low fat cheddar or peanut butter as a snack. Getting a bit of protein makes my snacks more satisfying. :)

AMARISRON Posts: 1,205
10/6/12 7:59 A

Thanks!! So excited to try it!!!

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
10/5/12 9:42 P

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10/5/12 12:41 P

I have a Kellogg's Fiber Plus bar every morning, that's 9 grams of fiber. What the others suggested about fruits and veggies is what I do otherwise. I like either baby carrots or snap peas dipped in hummus (I get the spicy kind, the regular is a bit boring). I also eat an apple every day, and some kind of veggie with every dinner. Popcorn is another good fiber source. One of those 100 calorie mini bags has 3 g. 2 cups of a spring mix/spinach salad mix is 9 grams. 2 cups isn't that much salad either. Whole grain pastas and breads have some too, so use whole grain if you're going to eat pasta or bread.

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10/5/12 10:21 A

An apple: nature's miracle pill.

10/5/12 9:54 A

Nothing beats fruit's, veggies and nuts... but I really like Fiber One bars and VitaMuffins for a snack or dessert.
I also use high fiber/whole grain tortillas and bread.

AMARISRON Posts: 1,205
10/5/12 9:48 A

I have been keeping frozen veggies in my freezer, they are quick to make and really help me avoid eating other food and get a healthy snack. Also grabbing a few carrots when I want to munch on something else is the new thing I am trying to get more veggies in my diet. I have a really hard time getting veggies in since I LOVE fruit! So that is my focus! I love hummus, anyone have a good recipe for that white bean hummus mentioned??

SPOORK Posts: 1,193
10/5/12 9:33 A

Fruits and vegetables.

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10/5/12 7:27 A

Black beans and corn (unsalted); good source of fiber and extra protein. Pears, apples, oranges, prunes and berries, legumes, brassicas (cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts), potatos (sweet are great) peas and lentils, almonds. I have a flaxseed/rye bread that has 5g of fiber. Fiber-rich cereals or bars.

And make sure you leave the skin on your fruits and veggies when you can, that's where most of the fiber is hidden.

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10/5/12 7:10 A

raw fruits
raw veggies
raw nuts

*the less unfit matter we put in our digestive system, the less fiber we really need to keep things moving out. I believe if we stick to the fuels our body was intended to digest and keep moving, we will be healthiest.

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10/5/12 12:49 A

Hummus with carrot sticks, white bean hummus on flatbread, black bean and corn salad, edamame, artichoke hearts, oatmeal with chopped apples, smoothies made with raspberry, blackberry, and banana, and my favorite, bruschetta with "pesto" made in the blender with frozen peas and basil, on top of whole-grain bread. Yum!

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10/4/12 9:56 P

Apples. They have 5 g of fiber.

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10/4/12 9:53 P

I've been tracking for about a month now, having taken a break from when I tracked many months before. I am doing pretty good, but I have yet to get the minimum grams of fiber I should be eating (25 grams) every day. I thought about breaking the 25 grams up between my 3 meals and 2 snacks, but even that isn't working. My breakfast is usually at 5 or even a few above, lunch is almost always close to 5, and dinner varies. However, it doesn't matter if I even go over that 5 grams per meal. I'm still always about 10 grams short. My current snacks are usually a handful of almonds, a cheese stick, or a piece of fruit. I may, on occasion, have a Nature Valley protein bar, but I try to stay away from processed foods as much as I can.

Does anyone have any good snack ideas that have some fiber?

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