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Pookie is right. Use a tracker to find how many calories you've imbibed. Or create a recipe. You don't really need to put the instructions in a recipe unless you're sharing it with the world of Spark. For yourself, to see what ingredient contributed the most calories, simply pick the ingredients and store the recipe without sharing it.

With a recipe, I was able to figure out that my favorite breakfast sandwich was 400 calories the original way I was making it. By substituting other ingredients that were just as tasty, I got it down to 100 calories.

Here's the way we make smoothies in our house:
We freeze fruit in ice cube trays. Generally the fruit has been run through a sieve to remove seeds. Bananas are cut up and frozen as well.
For a smoothie, we select the fruit cubes desiredm microwave them for 30 seconds and then add a bit of white stuff (milk, cream, soy milk, yogurt) depending on the person's diet needs (low fat, low carb, gluten free)
Then we use a stick blender. We've never use ice cubes -- the amount of creamy liquid is by taste. Less and it tastes like sherbet. A bit more and it's a thick smoothy. More and it's a tasty fruit drink.

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5/25/11 4:48 P

track that in your nutrition tracker and see if it fits!

I had a HUGE portion of cabbage at dinner, who cares whats "meant" to be right, if it fits with our nutritional needs and requirements.

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5/25/11 3:38 P

I have never felt confident making smoothies. They are always too thick, or to banana-y, or too thin, or I can't get the ice crushed etc.

Well, I made one today that tastes good in my opinion, but after blending, there was SO much of it. I didn't add that much stuff. But it filled two drinking glasses.

Here's what I put in
1/2c Organic Yogurt
5 strawberries
1/2 banana
1/4c blueberries
handful of spinach

Is it ok to drink it all? Should I add less next time? What should I cut down on? I want a fun way to get some fruits and veggies in, but I don't wanna overdo the calories with the amount.

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