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2/14/13 9:08 A

Getting rid of your scale was a GREAT thing to do : ) YES you are a very SMART girl WOO HOO to U!

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2/14/13 9:04 A

Alright! Two more converts!

Ditch the scale and look at what is really important, how you look and how you FEEL! Might I suggest the following:

1. Track your blood pressure, a great indicator of over all health.
2. Track your resting pulse rate, a great indicator of physical fitness
3. Track your energy and stress level from day to day, a good indicator of your attitude.
4. Track your cholesterol and triglycerides on a quarterly basis if possible. Blood chemistry is import to heart health as well as over all cardio-vascular system health.
5. Improve Flexibility: important indicator of physical fitness and your ability to move around.

Start with these or add a few of your own indicators.

I am so glad you are all seeing results. JUICE to you all!

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2/14/13 8:37 A

Nicely said! Well done!

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2/14/13 7:45 A


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2/14/13 4:46 A

Congratulations - and what a great plan. I think I will follow your lead and dump the scale. Yes, it is too discouraging when you are doing the right thing. And, really that number doesn't matter as much as feeling great, noticing that clothes are getting looser, etc. Way to go and again - Congratulations! Here's to many more great successes for you.

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2/14/13 12:39 A

I can't celebrate weight loss, but I can celebrate being called skinny today for the first time in a LONG time!

The reason I can't celebrate weight loss is because I did the smartest thing (for me) ever! I got rid of my scale. I found that I would work and eat and do everything right, then I'd get on the scale and the number didn't reflect how I felt. A few weeks in a row of this and I'd get discouraged and stop.

Now, I gauge how my workouts and diet are going based on how my clothes fit, how I feel, how I look in the mirror. Scales are just too variable for me. Maybe my weight is reflecting a large dinner near bedtime last night, or a hormonal cycle, or muscle gain. Who knows?

I have one more month that if I am losing the 1-2 a week I think I am I should reach my goal weight. But more importantly, I should reach my goal image in the mirror. I don't look at people and think, "I want to weigh what she weighs". I say, "I want to look like she looks!"

I am feeling so good about sticking to my diet now for a while and working out even more than my goal! I am feeling great!

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