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JODNEX Posts: 1,815
9/17/12 9:49 P

I used to eat microwave popcorn too, but then I read that there are bad chemicals in there. I'm trying to eat more natural foods.

9/17/12 9:33 P

I buy smart pop which is only 100 calories. I like to get those so I don't eat to much. It really helps.

SPARKLINGME176 Posts: 19,322
9/17/12 9:16 P

I love popcorn, too! I buy the 100 calorie Smart Foods, white cheddar packs. I eat each kernal one little side at a time. I mean REALLY slowly. It works! Takes me about 1/2 hour & with water I am VERY satisfied. IF I feel I just HAVE to have another, I will. But usually 1 bag does the trick!

LJOYCE55 SparkPoints: (138,125)
Fitness Minutes: (94,137)
Posts: 9,600
9/16/12 1:56 P

One of the great things about popcorn is that you can munch on it for a long time.

SKEETOR Posts: 1,769
9/16/12 7:47 A

Popcorn, yum, and it's whole grain, too!

MERRY_XMAS Posts: 392
9/16/12 6:56 A

Of course it's possible!
And during your journey you will discover many "smart snacking" choices that you will love!
All that it takes is imagination, positive energy, tracking what you eat and ofc sparking!

MAGGIEVAN SparkPoints: (204,392)
Fitness Minutes: (83,980)
Posts: 47,641
9/16/12 6:19 A

Yes, you are right. Congrats and try fruit as well. You don't even have to prepare it.

KYLIESCHELLE SparkPoints: (27,450)
Fitness Minutes: (2,689)
Posts: 1,379
9/15/12 11:39 A

Congratulations on your smart snacking. I love popcorn. It has fiber and fills you up too.

SCGAALMOM Posts: 232
9/15/12 9:59 A

This made me chuckle because I've always been take it or leave it on popcorn, but had some in the house for weekend company last month. When I read the package and realized, wait, I can eat ALL that for 130 calories?! Let's just say my little 2 year old comes running in about 4 days a week now when he hears the microwave -- "PAH CORN!!"

You are really right that it's these things that lead to weight loss and ultimately keeping it off too! emoticon

JODNEX Posts: 1,815
9/15/12 9:20 A

We got home from a football game last night, and I was hungry. I decided to make some popcorn. Popcorn is one of those foods I used to eat a lot of. (I oil-pop it, so it's not super low cal. Hate the air-pop stuff!) I popped it and then entered it in SP to see how much I could have without going over. 3 cups. I measured it out, and that's what I ate! Self control!!!

I'm patting myself on the back :) It's those little successes that add up to weight loss :)

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