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WILDWAYS76 Posts: 224
9/19/08 3:24 P

i work from home so i dont have issues with not being able to take the pills. i have lost a total of 10 lbs since taking the slimquick. i dont have any jitters at all with the slimquick. I was a regular coffee/soda drinker before the slimquick so im pretty much immune to the caffeine..i used to drink coffee/soda ALL day long. id have like 6-10 cups of coffee and 4 cans of soda during the day. i still drink coffee even with taking the slimquick and even in doing that i dont feel jittery at all. I feel alot better since taking the slimquick. i have energy all day long now as well.

9/18/08 1:13 P

I took the Slimquick and it was a waste of time and money...You have to take like so many of those a day, and with being a single mom I just don't have time to remember to stop and take them.

I had been introduced to the Mega-T with Hoodia in it. You only take 2 of those a day which I can handle while Im at work. I dont' feel jittery like I did on the others that had a lit of caffiene in them.

So far they have worked for me in controlling my hunger. I still eat healthy and the way i am supposed to and I have seen a decrease in 6 lbs.

Hope that helps!

SWEETPEA1954 Posts: 1,043
9/18/08 12:27 P

I did Slimquick several years ago and I did lose weight but to keep weight off you have to work at eating right and working out..

SMWARNER Posts: 20
9/18/08 12:01 P

I have not read the article listed, but I will. I have been taking the Slimquick with Hoodia since the first of August, and other that the amount of caffeine it contains, it really has a lot of essential vitamins and things we need in the pursuit of weight loss. Good Luck to you!!

9/18/08 12:00 P

I must admit I have given in to the tempting quick loss ads - and all I have ever lost is......MONEY. I am getting better results the old fashioned way - exercise, eat smart, have fun!

9/18/08 11:41 A

I have not tried slimquick but in the past have tried other diet pills....such as lipoprene (walmart) and Fahrenhite neither one has worked for me. My husband and I were taking lipoprene at the same time and neither saw results after wasting our money!

OPERACHIC Posts: 6,584
9/18/08 10:59 A

Good luck with the pills....I've been tempted by diet pills before, but I have come to the conclusion that they're a waste of money. I also worry about the chemical effects of pills that are not regulated in any meaningful way by the FDA or any other reputable agency/org. I'd rather watch what I eat and move more. Exercise is a better drug, anyway.

WILDWAYS76 Posts: 224
9/18/08 10:34 A

ARCHIMEDESII.... i understand where you are coming from and i respect your opinion. Im doing what works for me. I have been doing the good diet and exercise regularly routine for years now without any success. So obviously i need something more then that. My doctor has approved the slimquick with hoodia as well.

9/18/08 10:26 A

But then what happens when you quit taking it? Do you get your appetite back and gain the weight back?

MARSHA48 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (448)
Posts: 6,778
9/18/08 10:26 A

In my opinion, different things work for different people. Using what works for you is the best one can do. Mine is not diet pills but watching what I eat and how much I eat. Eating more fruits and veggies and drinking more water, with exersize. This way I keep Chemicals out of my body more so than with the pills.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,476)
Fitness Minutes: (296,538)
Posts: 27,192
9/18/08 10:25 A

Here's the problem with "diet" pills. They only work for the amount of time that you take them. The minute you stop taking these pills, you will regain any weight you lose and add extra. It doesn't make a difference what pill you take, when you stop taking it, all the weight comes back.

So, do you really want to take this pill for the rest of your life ? People become dependent on these pills because they think they are the only thing that works.

Not true. If a person is patient, good nutrition paired with regular exercise is what works longterm.

Pills are nothing more than a short term fix.

Also, do you really know what's in that pill ? It isn't Hoodia.

Hoodia is considered an endangered plant in Africa. There is no way any supplement manufacturer could be using Hoodia. It's just too rare.

I have to discourage you from taking this pill. I know you say it works, but as another member noted, you're experiencing the placebo effect. This will pass before long. And if isn't the placebo effect, it could also be the excess caffeine you are taking. Diet pills are loaded with caffeine.

You don't need a diet pill to lose. They just aren't safe or effective.

WILDWAYS76 Posts: 224
9/18/08 10:13 A

BC04294..i understand not everyone believes in diet pills but personally from before taking slimquick and since taking has drastically cut down my appetite, before i was hungry all the time! and now i get hungry every 6 hrs or so and when i do eat, its alot less. So yes the slimquick IS indeed working for me. I honestly didnt think it would work for anything when i started it. and its not the slimquick itself thats making me lose weight, its the fact that my appetite from it is way down so im eating alot less, which is less calories.

BC04294 Posts: 54
9/18/08 9:31 A

in my opinion, please don't get mad, but I think most diet pills work simply b/c we "think" they will. It a mind game we play with ourselves .. again this is just my opinion so please lets all play nice ...

MRS_CHESNEY1 Posts: 704
9/18/08 9:11 A

I've thought about taking it...I'll have to read the articles. they have the "detox" version now, too.

KELLY_SP SparkPoints: (138,662)
Fitness Minutes: (183,631)
Posts: 9,620
9/18/08 8:23 A

Here is some information from the experts that you may want to read...

Be well,

WILDWAYS76 Posts: 224
9/17/08 4:00 P

i was just wondering if anyone else here is using Slimquick??

I just started taking Slimquick with Hoodia on september 16th and i have found that it controls my appetite alot! which is one of my major problems! i havent had any side effects at all either. and i feel better all around like im in balance or something, that im not tired all the time.

i take my first pill at 8am and have breakfast at 9am, then take my second pill at 2pm and eat lunch at 2:30pm and i dont get hungry at all until 2:30pm!! and after taking the second pill i dont get hungry again until 7:30pm!

and i do drink 64oz of water every day.

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