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6/18/14 4:31 A

I tried slim fast ages ago. I thought it tasted really good, but I am not so sure it helped me lose any weight. It has managed to stay around for a long time, so I guess some people do well with it. I bought into a program with Phen375. It is an all natural dietary supplement. Which is good, because the old diet drugs stopped being prescribed due to the major health issues and side effects. A lot of the current over the counter stuff has bad side effects too, so I studied the site closely to check all of the ingredients on this one. I also liked that they now send out dietary information and exorcise videos and not just bottles of pills. So, far my energy level seems higher and I have lost 2 pounds in my first week. If anyone wants to read up on it for themselves, It is only available online. I can't put in a link. I don't know if that is a site rule or because I am new. There is a lot of information there. If interested and allowed to message, I would be more than happy to give anyone the link I use.


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6/15/14 11:40 P

Also, check your account settings on your start page and make sure the tracker knows whether your starting weight is meant to be in kilos or pounds. I'm pretty sure that SparkPeople automatically assumed kilos based on your location information, but you put in your weight in pounds. Your ticker at the bottom of your post shows your weight in pounds as about double the size you look in the photos on your SparkPage. I'm not sure that would affect your dietary recommendations in the tracker, but it will affect the way people answer your questions in the forums-- If you have 60 kilos to lose, you'll need to eat and exercise differently than if you have 60 pounds.

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6/15/14 3:50 A

Thank you Kris. I have not been tracking like I should. That is one thing I really need to work on. I will take your advice.

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6/14/14 7:43 P

After peeking at your nutrition tracker I see there are loads of ways that you can increase your fats and protein.

Eat fish like sardines, salmon and tuna. They are great for protein AND healthy fats. I see you eat red meat but not very often. When you did eat it your protein was fine. The fats will increase too, but just choose lean meats.

Use healthy oils like Olive and Rice Bran - a little drizzle or spray can do wonders.

Reduce sweets and replace with a pot of yoghurt or a handful of nuts. Nuts are a good source of protein AND healthy fats.

Eat a few more fruit/veges - choose the ones that have higher protein %, and remember, you can also get some fats from some of them, too. Avocado is an especially good one.

Check your bread. White bread won't provide the nutrients as much as quality whole-grains. There will be breads that provide a lot more protein so check out the nutrition label.

Instead of something like pop tarts, try making a smoothie using Greek Yoghurt, nuts (I use Almond Meal) and Avocado as well as your other fruits/veges of choice. You can always add some milk powder to it to boost the protein.

If you want a snack while on the go, keep some little bags of nuts on hand. Put one in your pocket. They won't spoil, but are on hand when you want/need them.


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6/14/14 6:48 P

i was told slim fast had too many carbs and not enough protein to justify trying

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6/14/14 1:29 P

emoticon emoticon

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6/14/14 11:56 A

Here are some reviews on slim fast products...I don't like the ingredients....

I would get a good book on Nutrition and educate yourself on food. I don't see Slim Fast being the answer to losing or keeping weight off. I lost over 100lbs and ate low glycemic foods, controlled my sodium intake and my protein and ate healthy fats. I have maintained my weight for over 3 years.

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6/14/14 11:37 A


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6/14/14 10:20 A

Thanks everyone! I struggle to meet my protein and fat nutrients. Also, when I am busy I forget to eat but with the slimfast I could eat on the go. However, as I have been learning how to make my nutrient targets I feel I can maintain them if I decide to go with the Slim Fast. I have always struggled with the fat/protein so this is why I am thinking of doing it. I don't know any other way to get the fat/protein needs.

6/14/14 7:28 A

I can understand the simplicity of Slimfast, but I think that would also be the downfall. How do you maintain your weightloss after you go back to normal eating? My aunt lost weight with Slimfast, but then put it all back on, then lost it again, then eventually regained it. I would second (or third) the notion of learning to fix yourself meals that you like that are nutritious and low in calories instead.

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6/14/14 6:52 A

I've never tried the Slim Fast plan. idk... it's like my brain doesn't think I've actually *eaten* unless I've chewed some food. Drinking some calories doesn't seem to register. My sister (who doesn't have a weight problem) uses a Slim Fast shake as a snack when she's working-- it's a quick, easy way to get some calories in without actually stopping work to eat. She's a mail carrier for the post office and can "drink and drive".

I'd agree with Kris-- it doesn't teach you how to choose real, whole foods and put them together in a way to provide the nutrition your body needs. I'd suggest if you decide to use Slim Fast, you also track everything in the Nutrition Tracker and see how the totals come out (calories, carbs, fat,protein) to make sure you're within your goal numbers for the day.

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6/14/14 4:41 A

From what I've heard, Slim Fast isn't bad in itself, but it doesn't actually teach you to eat normal food. You are better to only use the Slim Fast as an emergency 'go-to' meal rather than a regular part of your daily nutrition.


LISAJO2014 Posts: 114
6/14/14 3:13 A

Hi. I want to start the Slim Fast eating plans but I am not sure if they will give me the nutrients I need. Also, I am concerned about the sugar content of them. I would like to know what other people think. Any thoughts would be great... emoticon

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