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GUSEEB Posts: 186
8/8/11 5:59 P

Thanks for all your feedback everyone. I'm really basing this on my own habits like I said. I don't get bored with eating the same food everyday and my weakness is that I like fast and easy to prepare meals. It's not about willpower or anything, just making sure that I don't grab the cookie over making an omelet for breakfast or order fast food instead of making dinner. I've been on this diet now for about 3 weeks and finding it is vvery easy to follow. I've tweaked it a lot though and on the days that I do want to eat something solid instead of having a shake I just make sure the sandwich/salad/fruit I'm eating is similar to the calorie intake of a shake.

As for results, I'm not looking for miracles. I have lost 3 lbs (so about 1 lbs per week), and an inch of my waist, hips and thighs.

I'm also working out and doing a lot more weight training than I've ever done before and I feel better about myself and my health.

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7/29/11 11:16 A

I used meal replacement shakes in the past and it worked great for me. I paired each shake with a fruit at breakfast and a simple salad at lunch to increase my nutrition. It also made my transition off the shakes easier because all I had to do was replace the shake with a little protein and carb. Also, intead of the snack bars - plan normal snacks. An apple and string cheese or banana and peanut butter. Plan ahead with snack bags. It's the same caloric count and also easier to transition out of when you've hit your goal or you are out and about without a bar handy.

As for your workouts, be careful not to dive in to far to quick. I would aim for 4 days a week and then add from there. That way you won't get burned out or overwhelmed and feel guilty when you miss a day.


THEPIA Posts: 298
7/15/11 5:29 P

Wow, I sure would miss eating real food - but grocery shopping would be a breeze! Doesn't sound like a good plan as others have mentioned because I'm assuming you were eating real food when you put on weight. You probably can't sustain yourself on meal replacement shakes after you've lost the weight, so you have will have to learn how to control your weight while eating real food... so the weight is going to come right back..

7/15/11 5:20 P

I always say do what works for you. If it stops working then try something else.

7/15/11 2:54 P

Using meal replacement shakes, bars, frozen entrees, etc...have been shown to be effective for weight loss...but the key it to learn about controling your environment or else the weight will come back on after you stop using these items.

For now, I suggest you enter in your meals and snacks that you are using the meal replacement items and/or a few other foods. Then how many calories remain for you to use on your planned dinner that you are going to make at home or your planned restaurant meal eaten away from home. This will then keep you within your total calorie range for the day.

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7/15/11 1:12 P

I don't think the shakes are a good idea at all. Are you planning on drinking shakes for the rest of your life? Because once you lose the weight and go back to eating real food, I'm guessing you will regain the weight.

I think following the Spark menu would be a better option. Spark is all about changing your eating habits for life because going on and off of diets will just make you lose and regain weight.

GUSEEB Posts: 186
7/15/11 12:25 P

I just need some feedback on my new diet and exercise plan so thought I'd post it here.

I will mainly be using the whole ABS Diet concept of 3 snacks and and 3 meals a day. But I found that there were a few downsides to this:

a) I didn't stay within my calorie restriction for lunch and dinner
b) I am lazy and don't like coming up with recipes for low calorie lunches/breakfast
c) I already have a shake in the morning (consisting of oatmeal, flaxseed, milk, peanut butter, yogurt, berries and whatever else I can find) and I enjoy those a lot
d) I have a high tolerance for eating the same foods over and over again without getting bored so having 2 shakes a day doesn't "scare" me.
e) convenience is one of my biggest hurdles because if it's not easy to make I'd rather have the cookie in the cupboard to tide me over which is why I also like the idea of shakes because it's fast and just as delicious.

Breakfast: ABS diet shake
Snack: Slim Fast 100 Cal bar with apple
Lunch: ABS diet shake (different one) or Slim Fast shake if I'm out and about
Snack: Slim Fast 100 Cal bar with banana or veggie sticks
Dinner: Whatever hubby or I make that's portion controlled. If eating out, then definitely ordering salad with dressing on the side and chicken.
Snack: Ice Cream 100 Cal serving or another Slim Fast bar

I just need fast and easy ways to make sure that I am meeting my caloric needs and not exceeding. It's the exceeding that always gets me.

As for exercise here it is:
M - elliptical 30 minutes with high intensity interval training (HIIT) of (2 minutes high intensity and 5 low) plus 10 Minute Total Body Trainer (for my weight training)
T - elliptical 30 minutes HIIT and 10 minute Abs
W - elliptical 30 minutes HIIT and 10 minute Total Body Trainer
R - elliptical 30 minutes HIIT and 10 minute Abs
F - Free day
S - 10 Minute yoga and 10 minute total body
S - 10 minute yoga and 10 minute Abs

I work from home and have a gym in my condo so I tried going downstairs for the first time during my lunch break and it worked out perfectly so I can see myself sustaining the 4 days at the gym a week. I am also heavily relying on the Tony Horton 10 minute Trainer videos to add to my weight training since I don't enjoy weight training at the gym.

Any feedback or tweaks please feel free to post.

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