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6/7/13 12:35 P

You got this!!! Just get up and keep going! emoticon

TANGOKATE Posts: 662
6/6/13 9:19 P

Kudos to you! You wrote all the right things for yourself and we are here to acknowledge and recognize you for it.


EDENFELL Posts: 212
6/5/13 1:04 A

Wow, Laura - that is a lot to handle all at once. I'd suggest not being tough on yourself and giving yourself a break for a couple days while you deal with all the stresses in your life. Maybe you could work on just maintaining for a week? Also, can you talk to someone like a counselor about your friend? Sometimes it helps to talk out the whole situation with someone objective. Hang in there and keep blogging and posting. emoticon

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6/4/13 11:53 A

Laura ! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope she's doing better now.

You've been under quite a bit of stress these last few days. No one would fault you if you turned to food for comfort. It's something we'd all do under similar circumstances. Eating a little too much at these times doesn't make you a bad person or an unhealthy one.

When things settle down, you do your best to be more mindful. Not perfect, just more mindful because no one is perfect.

While a safe weekly weight loss would be 1-2 pounds per week, there will be weeks you don't lose. There will even be weeks you gain ! And that doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. Being under a lot of stress can cause a person's weight to slow down. BUT, I agree with your mentor, you need to ditch the scale. Remember, there is more to good health than a number that stares at us from between our toes in the morning.

We'd all love for the weight to be gone overnight, but it just isn't that simple. Weight loss is a slow steady process that takes time. You didn't gain the weight overnight, it's not coming off overnight.

Be kind to yourself as you would to others. The scale not moving does not mean you're doing something wrong. instead, look for all the positive things that may have been having. Can you run or walk a mile faster than you could a month ago ? Do you have more energy ? Are you sleeping better ? Are your clothes fitting better ? Can you carry more bags of groceries ? How's your blood pressure ? Do you know that if your blood pressure has dropped in the last month, your doctor would be thrilled even if the scale didn't move. Lowering your blood pressure is a huge sign of success !!

So, don't beat yourself up because the scale didn't move. You're been under a lot of stress. Once things calm down, you'll see movement again.

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6/4/13 11:45 A

So I had a stressful week last week. Between my friend attempting suicide, trying to help my sister, being out of town, not doing my weekly hike and eating slightly more the past 4 days than what I have been eating for the 40-50 days before that. I stepped on the scale this morning and my weight hasn't budged. A mentor told me to throw the scale as far as I could, but I'm still using it, I should listen to her. My plan was to just weigh myself once a month, but for some reason, I"m weighing and measuring myself like once a week. Most times when I weighed, I lost weight, so it was happy times, but today when I weighed, the scale was up one pound. I recognize that I've lost 23 pounds total and I'm still progressing, but I don't want this slight change in the scale to bring me down. I need to talk about it, so here I am. I'm determined to push forward, recognize that I had a stressful week and let it go. I'm ready to move forward and get back to what I've been doing with success. I'm human, imperfect and I need to pick myself up, dust off, and get back on the horse TODAY! I need to remember that my body is exactly the way it's supposed to be today. I need to remember that I've done a lot of positive work over the last 2 months to help myself, and not let this stand in my way. I need to remember that I will not give up on myself!

Whew, ok, thanks for reading! :)

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