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7/5/12 1:29 P

Wear retainers when you go to sleep. Or, you could put all of the junk food in a box and store it up on a high shelf so you can't access it when you're unconscious.

I hope this helps!

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6/29/12 3:24 P

Simple: close and lock your bedroom door, or restrain yourself to the bed somehow (think tucking the blanket all the way under the mattress, or whatever else you can think of) or just get rid of all the unhealthy stuff. Make it really hard to get to the kitchen, too.

6/11/12 3:29 P

It is something phycological. I think that you eat food that are forbidden for you. You really want sugar and chocolate because you like them but when you are awake you know that these are not going to help you on your weight loss but when you are sleeping your willpower is weaker so you wake up for a while, you eat and then you got back to bed.
Maybe you should try to give yourself a cheat meal per week.

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6/10/12 8:21 A

Oh my gosh, that's so strange! Well, my best advice would be to have a parent, sibling, etc. take all the foods that you normally end up sleepwalking to, and hiding them somewhere else in your house. Make sure that you don't know where it is so then you are unable to subconciously find it. Therefore, even if you do continue to sleepwalk to go eat, your only options would be healthy foods. And there's nothing wrong with a healthy midnight snack :)

6/9/12 2:31 P

Everything is going well so far, I've been tracking my foods and exercising regularly. However these past 2 days I have been unconsciously eating at night stuff like chocolate biscuits. I normally realize this when I wake up and think its a dream and then I realize that it really did happen. How can I stop this? and why does this happen?

Thank you,

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