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NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
2/2/13 3:52 P

When this happens to me, I eat significantly less. The sleeping body doesn't need as many calories. I usually eat around 1300 so I might eat 900 on a day that I slept that much. Or I might eat 1300 - but I certainly wouldn't force myself to do so.

ANTHEE62 Posts: 21
2/2/13 3:23 P

Maybe you could eat smaller meals 2 hours or so apart so you are not stretching your stomach by eating 2 larger meals. Keep dinner your largest and work in a few extra smaller snacks.

2/2/13 3:05 P

Thanks for the advice. My minimum is 1200, which I had a hard time meeting yesterday.

NYXWOLFWALKER- I agree with the idea of it being breakfast, regardless of the time of day it is. At 1:30 I had eggs and toast with turkey sausage- still breakfast to me! I used to work nights, and I would have breakfast when I woke up for work at 9pm, and supper when I got home at 8am.

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2/2/13 2:59 P

What's your minimum for the day? If it were me, I would probably eat a little more. If you don't meet your minimum calories, it's not a big deal for one day, just don't make a habit out of it. I just don't recommend stuffing yourself just to meet your minimum.

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2/2/13 2:56 P

Your body doesn't know the time only the conscious brain of yours is telling it that its X time and what should be happening

My mate and I often sleep in till Noon or 2pm so the first meal we have for many would be lunch or even dinner yet we both call the first meal we eat Breakfast regardless of the time of day its eaten.

We do try for the three squares regardless, but yes it can interfere with getting calories in (even if one does stay up till 5am) for many people. I have a nightmare of a time getting in 1200 cals in a day (but then again I have that even if I go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 5am).

2/2/13 2:22 P

I didn't wake up until 1:30 this afternoon (bad!). I like to wake up a little earlier than that, even if I am sleeping in. My husband usually wakes me up when he gets up, but today he started playing Minecraft and forgot about me. So I basically skipped breakfast.

Do I still need to try to meet my calorie goal for the day? I mean, it seems like overdoing it to try to fit in a whole meal's worth of calories, protein, etc into just a part of a day. Do I need to try to fit more food in today, perhaps by just having a bigger supper than I had planned for, and maybe a slightly bigger snack between now and then that I originally planned for?

I understand it is a good idea to meet your calorie and nutrient range, but I'm not sure what it means for me if I've ... well, slept through a meal.

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