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5/21/12 1:59 P

If you're looking to lose weight in certain areas... no exercise will do that. You can't spot-reduce areas you don't like. There are exercises which "target" certain muscles (for example, a squat will "target" your legs) but that doesn't mean you'll lose weight there.

Fat loss is an all-over process, and where you lose is determined by genetics... not the exercises you do.

5/21/12 12:51 P

Skipping rope is a cardio exercise which also improves coordination and balance. It does not "target" any particular body part or area since the movements are small and controlled, the amount of vertical jump need is only enough to clear the rope making it an inch at most and the rope is properly swung with the wrists and not major arm movements.

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5/21/12 7:48 A

Thanks Hana,

what areas does it target though or good for on your body as in legs, tummy etc???

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5/21/12 7:16 A

Jumping rope is largely considered cardio work. So you're working the heart and lungs mainly. As you can imagine, it targets the legs, specifically the calves but also the shoulders (to keep the rope moving). I also use it to improve coordination. It's a great way to really get the heart rate up, so make sure you're cleared for intense exercise.

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5/21/12 3:15 A

Skipping is a great exercise. It is good for your heart, and for your bones. Also, it strengthens your coordination. So, if you have your doctor's clearance to exercise, go ahead and enjoy skipping!!😄

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5/21/12 2:45 A

I just want to know how good is skipping for you? What areas of the body does it mainly target and do?

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