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8/28/13 8:34 P

My Beloved is a breakfast eater if he doesn't eat it, he get's super hungry and doesn't have the energy level he needs. When he does eat, he doesn't go overboard, but he does eat more than he otherwise might have. Not me though, I'm the kind who wants to reach for coffee and then eat later. Maybe not even until much later. For a while, I was forcing myself to eat within the first hour of waking but it was a struggle and all it did was make me feel more hungry during the day and it would settle uncomfortably in my stomach. Recently, I read a bunch of stuff about intermittent fasting and decided it's okay for me to skip eating right away if I'm not ready for it. It's only been since Monday that I've started doing the intermittent fasting and paying more attention to what my stomach says instead of what some diet rule says. But in the few days I've noticed no diminishing of my alertness or energy or a decline in my normally sunny attitude.

Creating a healthy life plan for yourself is not about doing what you have to "force" yourself to do but to make those changes that you can do for the rest of your life. If you're not hungry, why force yourself to eat because someone else said you're supposed to? I say if you want to skip breakfast, give it a try. If you find you're backsliding in your weight loss progress, rethink what you're doing. Pay attention to how hungry you feel and definitely monitor what you eat so you can assure yourself you aren't going over and beyond what you aim for. The biggest part about tweaking your plan is to do one thing at a time, give it some time so you have a fair basis to judge upon and pay attention to what happens.

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8/28/13 3:49 P

This topic comes up about once a week. Recommend using the search.

Long story short, skip breakfast if you want. So long as you stay within your calorie range, it doesn't matter. Some people are OK to skip and hit calorie goals, some skip, get ravenous and blow their calorie goals. There is only one way to find out which one you are.

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8/28/13 3:27 P

A calorie is a calorie no matter what time you have it. Whatever works for you. Gone are the days when you have to eat breakfast and not eat before bed because of fat gain claims. Stay within your calorie range and you'll succeed

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8/28/13 2:07 P

I find I feel much better and can manage my overall food intake for the day much better when I have a decent breakfast. However, I don't always eat it "very first thing." I quite often pack my breakfast to take with me (I get up at 6:45, and tend to eat breakfast at my desk at 8:30 or 9). Sometimes I do end up hungry-for-lunch before 1pm; I used to try to wait it out but now I just eat my darn lunch when i feel like it (11:30 or 12, only 3 hours after breakfast!).

The timing of meals isn't that critical - the important part is your overall consumption for the day (and your ability to feel satisfied and not ravenous while achieving your consumption goals!). It is worth giving breakfast a good try, since for many people it seems to help keep energy and hunger levels on an even keel. However if you have given it that good try and found that, for you, early eating is having an opposite effect? Well, do what works for you! "If it ain't broke...." You don't have to feel pressured to fit some meal-scheduling Perfect Model, as there really isn't one.

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8/28/13 12:38 P

I used to, but that lead to cravings in the afternoons and evenings. When I eat breakfast, I really do eat less overall in the day, but that isn't true for everyone.

If you skip breakfast and don't overeat for the rest of the day, then do it.

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8/28/13 12:14 P

"I know you're not supposed to..." According to who?

I never eat breakfast, tried it for awhile (like almost a year) because I thought that's what you were "suppose" to do. The only thing that was discovered is through some study they found breakfast eaters tend to maintain a lower weight than breakfast skippers and then it just got blown way out of proportion.

I could never stomach a breakfast. I found myself having to choke it down even though I wasn't hungry and it just zapped my energy/performance during my workouts and gave me runner's stitches. Didn't matter if it were just something small or what my breakfast was. I just never adapted.

So I just went back to the way I used to eat... I have breakfast at noon or even as late as 2pm but I also eat a late dinner (8pm-9pm) and a large bowl of Greek yogurt/fruit/peanut butter and kashi cereal (10pm-11pm).

If you're not hungry, don't force yourself to eat... always listen to your body's cues when it comes to hunger and diet. You'll just run into problems when you don't and try to adhere to the "what you're suppose to do's...." We are an experiment of one.

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8/28/13 11:57 A

My husband is the same way, he just can't eat before 11 am. Me on the other hand, if I don't eat breakfast I will end up starving and will want to EAT ALL THE THINGS to make up for it. Eating just a few hundred calories for breakfast actually helps me eat less overall.

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8/28/13 11:52 A

I'm never hungry first thing in the morning. So I eat something a little later in the morning, maybe an apple with peanut butter or sunflower seeds, or sometimes egg with cheese and salsa. That does keep me from over indulging at either lunch or snacks.

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8/28/13 11:28 A

Does anyone else skip breakfast sometimes on purpose? I know you're not supposed to, but I honestly don't feel hungry first thing in the morning. I get up around 6, but often I am not ready to eat until around 11, so I just have an early lunch. I find that this helps my stomach shrink, so that when I do have lunch, it takes less to fill me up. When I eat breakfast, I am always hungrier at lunch time.

Anyway, just wondering whether anyone else has the same experience. I am not at all someone who would try to starve myself to lose weight. If I felt hungry, I would eat, but i'm just not that into breakfast. Anyone else?

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