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10/17/13 3:08 P

from the article:
One example: Asian-Americans are at increased risk for diabetes at a BMI of 24, according to the American Diabetes Association. And, Kim says, the risk for cardiovascular disease, another illness normally associated with being overweight or obese, can start in normal-weight Asians who have a BMI of just 19 or 20.

Basically, it's that concept of being "skinny fat": Physiologically, people of Asian descent are either more likely to be “apple-shaped,” or their excess fat may be packed between and around the organs. Abdominal, or visceral, fat has been linked to obesity-related health risks like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and inflammatory diseases.

“It’s true that you really don’t see Asians that are morbidly obese, but you don’t have to be morbidly obese to have some of these complications,” Kim says.

10/11/13 12:06 P

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10/11/13 8:41 A

Yes, I have heard this term a lot over the past couple of years. It makes complete sense once you know what it means (being "skinny" or "slim" yet not being fit and kind of flabby).

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10/7/13 6:54 A

well, KJ...Captain Kirk didn't mind lovin' on the green women

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10/6/13 4:11 P

Skinny fat is a term for a person who is a normal weight, but carries a higher percentage of body fat because they are sedentary. It's sort of like being fit and fat. A person can be fit if they exercise regularly, but overweight if they aren't watching what they eat.

I've been both at different times of my life. When I was at my thinnest, I too couldn't do a push up if my life depended it. I wore a size 5, but I was flabby because I didn't exercise. When I weighed over 200 pounds, I could do push ups and jumping jacks. I was fit, but because I wasn't eating right, I was fat.

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10/6/13 3:43 P

I'd never thought of it that way, but can think of a lot of people who are very thin, but not fit

10/6/13 3:26 P


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10/6/13 9:12 A

it's absolutely REAL - I was 'skinny fat' as a kid and into my teen years. 5'7" 113 lbs, and probably couldn't have done ONE push-up!

that's why I don't care to be 'high school skinny' - I'd rather be emoticon

10/6/13 9:04 A

From google images when searched for skinny fat

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10/6/13 8:29 A

never heard this one before!

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10/5/13 11:27 P

Online Now  • ))

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10/5/13 10:13 P


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10/5/13 8:21 P

Well I just learned something today that I did not know yesterday!

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10/5/13 5:15 P

It refers to a high BF% at a low or healthy weight (BMI).

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10/5/13 4:55 P

Is this term real?
If so, what does it mean?

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