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BELLYDOG Posts: 2,459
7/29/13 11:59 A

I was skinny when I was a child, a were 5 of my other siblings. One sister was a normal size. However, because there were six of us and only one of her, we thought she was fat. We teased her about it too. She was in college before she learned that she had not been fat all her life, she'd been normal sized. Now that we are adults, four of us are obese or overweight, two are thin and one is normal (average). I am working my way back from obesity to healthy. Still have about 10 pounds to go. Will I be thin? NO! Will I be healthy? Well I will be healthier than I was at the start of this journey. I am certainly reducing my risk for recurrence of cancer. So I definitely agree with PP, go for health and fitness over skinny or a number on the scale. Celebrate all of your non-scale victories too! Being able to walk a specific distance pain free is one of my favorite NSV. Baby steps, low and steady is the name of the game. Go for it!

WEATHERWOMAN985 SparkPoints: (5,932)
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7/29/13 11:32 A

I agree with SHYGIRL....I've been overweight since I was in about third grade. I do remember being skinny when I was very young and mostly because I have picture evidence. I have always been extremely active and love doing manual labor type work. My biggest fear about being skinny has always been that if I lose the weight, I will lose some of my strength and I will be "more fragile".

I know this is kind of silly, but this is all I've ever really known and I know my strength is not tied to my's tied to my muscle and I have plenty of that and that can be maintained. Just my initial thought off of the topic.

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,612)
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7/29/13 10:33 A

I'm going to echo what the PP's said. I was "skinnier" my senior year of college (I've put on about 10lbs since then) but I LOOK better because I added ST. I saw a girl at the beach last night who weighed less than I do, but she looked kind of awful. Skinnier isn't always better!! Just because the number on the scale says what it does, that does not equal healthy.

KELLIEBEAN Posts: 6,660
7/28/13 8:24 A

Ditto what Miss Ruth said.

I stopped thinking skinny after watching my mom suffer from her sedentary lifestyle. I decided last year that I want to stay strong as I age. I don't want help getting up from a chair or getting winded walking up five stairs.

Focus on fit and healthy, healthy food, reasonable portions, walking, strength training. Don't over-think it.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,294
7/28/13 6:56 A

The title of your post "Skinny does scare me" caught my eye. How about instead of focusing on "skinny", you change that to "fit and healthy". After all, people can be "skinny" but that doesn't mean they are either fit OR healthy.

And in addition to whatever your long term goals are, with your weight etc.... set up some short term goals as well. You deserve the pleasure (and some rewards too!) of reaching those little milestones along the way. And not just focusing on the final, end result. You could choose to celebrate each 10 pounds lost. Or each jeans size. Or each new accomplishment in your ability to walk a little further or climb a flight of stairs or swim another lap.

SHYGIRL2013 SparkPoints: (6,868)
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7/28/13 4:32 A

I've never been thin. When I was 10, I was 110 pounds. I was always the fattest one in the class. I would get made fun of constantly because I couldn't run or play like the other kids. I keep wondering what it's going to be like. I've never had people look twice at me, in a nice way anyway. I would love to know what it's like to like what I see in the mirror and to have people approve of me. I can't wait until I get there.

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