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9/11/13 12:59 P

It's mostly the triathlete below was saying...not much one can do about arms look so meaty, despite the fact I hardly do upper body strength training. If I actually do weight lifting on my arms, they fatten up even more! It's my genes.
My sister in law, who doesn't exercise nor is healthy, has the most beautiful, skinny arms that makes anyone green with envy! I feel like a beached whale next to her, but I know it's all genetics. Like the others say, I just focus on the fact I am healthier than those skinny-ninnies and have never felt more better about myself as a whole, until now. :-) I avoid wearing tops that don't flatter my arms, that's all. (like spagetti straps)

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9/10/13 8:11 P

Well, one big problem is that there is no such thing as spot reducing, you can't make your arms smaller by lifting weights. You can make them smaller by losing weight overall and lifting weights will help you tremendously in doing that, so thats a reason to keep it up. Additionally, some people are very aware when their pictures are being taken to pose in certain ways (not pressing your arms against your body), that is one possible explanation for why your sister or your mom APPEARED to have thinner arms. Lastly, skin firming lotions and stuff might help your arms to look more toned, i know it sounds crazy but sometimes its what the skin looks like that effects what the overall appearance of the arms are like. My sister, for instance, has like rosacea on her arms and they look less thin and toned cause of it. My other sister had ecezema as a child and has bumpy skin as a result, even though she's a twig her arms and legs can have the appearance of cellulite almost, in the wrong lighitng.

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9/10/13 6:18 P

Your sister and your mother may well have skinny arms, but that doesn't mean that they are good. The may not have any tone in them. I have seen many people who are skinny ... and flabby.

Rather than focusing on them, why not just focus on the healthy lifestyle you live and continue with that. Very little in nature is near to identical to another of the same ilk! If you look at flower, or other animals you will see what I mean.


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9/10/13 5:38 P

This happened to me, too! I have been weight lifting pretty consistently for the last few years and at Christmas, I was looking distastefully at my arms compared to my sister's arms. She is the most unathletic person in the world and I'm a triathlete. Our arms looked identical! I was so disgusted. They looked like big soggy dead worms that have been laying in a rain puddle all night. However, I didn't feel too bad after I thought of the fact that I could do a dozen pushups easy while she probably couldn't do one. I am also way healthier and resistant to catching colds and stuff. Plus just knowing that I take good care to keep my physical fitness level high is helpful. I will admit that I have been doubling my efforts to get a little definition so my arms don't look like soggy worms this Christmas.

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9/9/13 4:33 P


You're being much too hard on yourself. Flaws we see in ourselves no one else sees. Stop comparing yourself to other people. You'll just make yourself miserable. I can assure you that a regular strength training program can help give your arms some definition, but it takes time.

I've been stregnth training for several years now and I am still a "work in progress". As I mentioned in another reply to you, stop trying to be perfect. Learn to appreciate what you body CAN do and stop worrying about how it looks. Good health does come in many different shapes and sizes.

I am going to encourage to keep strength training because if you are consistent as well as patient, you will see change. You just have to stop beating yourself. It takes time to make a change.

thus the reason to be patient.

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9/9/13 4:16 P

I saw pictures from my sisters wedding and my arms look so fat. I am very unhappy with how I looked. My sister, who never ever lifts weights and my mom who also never lifts, both have skinnier arm ps then me......and I lift like crazy and my arms look terrible. Can someone please explain why I want to keep lifting weights? Because I am honestly very unhappy with the restults...

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