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SARAHF1988 Posts: 603
1/5/13 3:39 P

I can be any size between UK 14-20 at the moment and it all depends on which shop I buy from. I have learned not to worry about size. I have an issue that I have a very large chest compared to the rest of my body so that doesn't help. I have to try to get dresses that have a stretchy top because if I buy one that's structured it will look ridiculous on the rest of my body. It's this that has taught me that it doesn't matter what size I wear as long as I look nice in it and as long as I'm not overweight. I am choosing to focus on my weight, and the dress sizes will get smaller as I go.

It's great that you're using something as inspiration but don't worry too much about it, as another sparker has said, all of the sizes vary depending on the shop that you buy them from.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/5/13 2:42 P

I am not defined by a number on a pair of pants. I try real hard to be realistic when I gain weight. I do know I try real hard to keep track of what I am doing. So when the scales say I gained 2 lbs. I work hard to get it off. I figure if I am going to eat something I do know I don't need I sure do need to burn it off. I try real hard to make postive changes so I have more sucesses than failures. I am also realistic in the fact that I do know I am on this journey for ever and I am not really done.

GEVANS7 SparkPoints: (322,737)
Fitness Minutes: (178,437)
Posts: 2,122
1/5/13 2:36 P

My closet has size 6 to 14 on hangers, some with tags still on from the store. I gave most of my size 6's away thinking those days were long gone. When I was barely into the 14's I said THAT'S IT. Now I am in 10's and 8's, depending on the label. I learned a long time ago, the more the clothes cost, the more generous the size. I will be comfortable when I can get rid of the 12's and 14's. For now they are in my closet, showing that I am not confident in retaining my weight loss. emoticon

SPKRAUSE Posts: 543
1/5/13 2:21 P

My denial (before SP) was aided because I could, sorta, kinda, still fit in the old clothes if I wiggled enough. They were snug, but if I wore them part of the day, they'd stretch. I could put another hole in the belt. I wouldn't tuck in that button-down shirt. So I was wearing clothes that were a couple sizes too small, but I'd told myself I'd never move up to *that* size, so I made it 'real' but forcing myself into the old, and it's not as if anybody was willing to 'call me' on it.

MYUTMOST4HIM Posts: 11,453
1/5/13 2:02 P

Yep - sure is an eye opener

CAMEOSUN SparkPoints: (86,617)
Fitness Minutes: (5,698)
Posts: 10,426
1/5/13 1:59 P

One-day-at-a-time... emoticon

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (216,094)
Fitness Minutes: (123,831)
Posts: 9,489
1/5/13 1:12 P

2011 was a good year for me too... down 26 lbs. 2012 not so good... up 14. Same old pattern, and for one reason - I think thatI "know it all", stop tracking and don't exercise consistently. Back to square 1 for me in 2013.

TWEBB4 SparkPoints: (1,204)
Fitness Minutes: (543)
Posts: 10
1/5/13 1:09 P

I wore a pair of my favorite stretch jeans which left me feeling uncomfortable for the entire day. I had to come to the realization that I must either loose the weight or buy a bigger size. Buying a bigger size is not an option for me. emoticon

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (201,838)
Fitness Minutes: (261,610)
Posts: 2,243
1/5/13 12:46 P

I hear you--after back surgery this fall, I gained ten more pounds on top of the ten I'd already let creep back on. I finally had to give in, and find a nice pair of size 10 jeans (yay, stretch fabric!) to wear...

I am committed to losing at least 5 lbs--and then I'll work on losing 10. I want those size 6's to fit again! It's hard when life hands you lemons though....I'll always have back & leg pain thanks to the permanent nerve damage from my herniated disk.

I no longer feel "invincible" & super-strong...because I'm not! My back will always be fragile now. But I can't let that stop me. I have to quit wallowing in Doritos--and start making my daily workouts count more!

I can do it--and I know YOU can too!

BANKER-CHUCK Posts: 6,781
1/5/13 12:09 P

@Liz, Sounds like your lifestyle and timing is what I have gone through. In 2011 I did pretty well. January 2nd of 2012 I went back to logging in food and exercising and lost 25 lbs. In May 2012 I went on a long motorcycle trip, for a month, and brought reintroduced many bad habits and lack of exercise. My jeans started getting tighter,, and belt loops letting out and my "adjustable" motorcycle gear, (controlled by velcro strips, were being let out. I kept fooling myself but when I started putting on clothes I had bought 30 lbs ago they were tight and uncomfortable.
I am now back on the SparkWagon logging in my food and staying within calorie range. Exercise program will be started Monday. My goal is to lose 38 lbs by May 15th 2013, which calculates out to 2.11 lbs/week

GAMEDUTCHESS SparkPoints: (781)
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Posts: 93
1/5/13 12:02 P

I have been avoiding jeans for almost a year now. I never in my whole life had a problem with love handles or a roll on my abdomen until I hit 30 and then it was like bam I gained 10lbs all in my abdomen. I have finally reached the point where I can't just avoid pants. TBH I refuse to go buy a new pair. I have several that I can't even get over my butt anymore and several more that I have to suck in to button. I feel horrible every time I try so I have almost exclusively been in dresses and skirts now.

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,867)
Fitness Minutes: (48,271)
Posts: 2,450
1/5/13 11:54 A

Add to this that standards in clothing sizes vary wildly from mnfr to mnfr. It can drive anyone nuts.
Different mnfrs will tend to run larger or smaller, and nowadays many engage in vanity sizing to make us "feel" better about a particular item we've tried on and thus more apt to purchase.
I'll admit, I've bit!

There is no way on this earth that I'm a size 4, yet Macy's had a sequined skirt that I bought over the holidays in just that size. Like a lot of women, I have quite a size run in my closet!

There's also no way I'm a true size 6. I finally asked a salesperson at J.Crew about their sizes. She chuckled and would only say that they run "very generous."
Gee great.

Liz, who knows what size those tops really were at Target. Yes, you may be larger but it really could also be the size run of that mnfrs tops.
The main thing is not to let it get you down. You're doing great by sticking to your healthier way of eating and living. And there will be many cute tops in your future - in many sizes but they will all look cute on YOU!

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
1/5/13 11:01 A

I totally feel you, LizEllen. When I had to buy a size 26 again, I was in tears. I had managed to get down to nearly a size fourteen in 2007(read my page) but because of HOW I did, I gained back almost all of the 113 I had lost from 06-07. It's hard, but I'm on my way back down again. I'm almost in a 24 again. 26 is way too big and 24 jeans are a bit too small.(Though I do fit in a size 24 denim skirt that doesn't have any stretchy material added!!!) I will get back down to a 14 again, but in a healthy way.

We CAN do this, and congrats on the pounds you've lost thus far!

LIZELLEN SparkPoints: (1,274)
Fitness Minutes: (797)
Posts: 2
1/5/13 10:50 A

I committed to recommitting myself to tracking, exercising and being mindful about my food choices this week with the New Year. I was pretty successful in losing weight in 2011, but let things slide quite a bit in 2012 (up 20 pounds since this time last year). I've got a long way to go, but I've already lost a couple of pounds this week.

Last night, I needed to pick some things up from Target and decided to *reward* myself for a great (half) week by buying a new top, something I haven't done in quite some time.

I tried on several button up tops and couldn't fit into any *I thought* were my size. For several minutes, I entertained the thought that they were cut wrong or mislabeled, not even accepting that the difference was that I had gotten bigger.

I do believe that accepting where you are is a key to making this work, but it's still challenging when your self-perception of yourself doesn't match reality.

Wishing all those who have also gotten on the New Year's train much luck (and those who never got off). I think it's going to be a great year. With cuter tops in the near future.

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