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11/20/11 11:44 A


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11/20/11 11:28 A

I agree with John, you have made incredible progress and you are recognizing it. You have shared in an inspiring and celebratory way with us all. Thank you for that. Success for one breeds success for us all. Great job on all counts!!!

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11/20/11 10:36 A


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11/20/11 10:35 A

Great accomplishment! Well done!!

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11/20/11 9:51 A

Wow, nice job! That's quite an accomplishment. :)

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11/20/11 2:45 A

I agree also - time to give yourself a pat on the back!

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11/20/11 1:35 A

Forget that silliness about pants going up or down. The important thing is that YOU know you have lost weight, you are feeling great, and you are on your way to building a happy and healthy you!

Well done!

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11/19/11 11:15 P

Well, since May 23rd 2011 I have lost 50 lbs. And today, for the first time since 2005, I bought a pair of size 18 pants! I've been wearing 20-24! It feels so good. I know that technically sizes have gradually gone up so an 18 today is quite different than an 18 six years ago, but I don't care! I feel good. :D

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