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2/27/13 11:03 P

Here's a demo of a back extension on the ball if you like using the ball and want to work your back. Coach Nicole (I think...) also has a variation where she adds a twist at the top of the extension.

2/27/13 7:38 P

If you like doing sit ups instead of doing 100 hold each one for 10 seconds or more. But sit ups really are not optimal. As the other poster said planks are wonderful for abs and all of your core. Once you get comfortable with the basic plank you can do the side plank and then do modified versions on the plank for more bang for your buck. Russian twists are excellent for your obliques and leg raises holding a stability ball in between your legs are great as well. There are numerous ab and core exercises that are more effective than sit ups. I have not done a sit up in ages.

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2/27/13 2:12 P

I use my stability ball in place of an office chair. So my core is in constantly working. Also use your ball to do back strengthening exercises.

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2/27/13 1:55 P

I am not doing anything for my back. I do circuit training 1 - 2 times a week it combines strength training & cardio (Planet Fitness), treadmill 3 - 4 times a week and I try to get in an exercise at home (usually to minutes) that may include stability ball, kettlebells or small weights. I figured if I could do 100 sit ups it was too easy...but I can really feel it working on my core.

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2/27/13 1:12 P

Situps, even on a ball, are bad for your back.

Is it effective? Not if you can do 100. Any exercise you can do more than about 15 of, you're doing at a "too easy" level for you personally.

Situps also work only your front - not your back. Are you complementing your routine with a back workout?

Instead of situps, use the Plank. Plank works your entire core and does not place any stress on any areas and put you at risk of injury.

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2/27/13 11:39 A

I just started doing sit-ups on a stability ball and it seems so much easier than doing them on the floor or a mat. Normal I can do about 15 sit ups before my back hurts and I am out of breath but on the stability ball I have been doing 100. Of course I have to push myself to get to 100...but before I had to push myself to get to 15. I can definitely feel it in my core. So, I guess my question is - 1. Is it too good to be true? Am I getting a good workout on the stability ball because it almost seems to easy. And #2 is it better to use a stability ball or do normal sit ups?

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